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Inceput de aventura / Begining the adventure

E o adevarata aventura sa fii in bucatarie, si nu zic asta pt cei care intra sa caute o furculita si apoi pleaca dezamagiti cu o lingura, ci ma refer la cei care vor sa gateasca ceva. Cam asa mi-am inceput eu serioasa mea calatorie printre oale, cratiti si pahare, linguri furculite si alte polonice.

Aici e o tarta simpla, dar gustoasa.

Se pune mana serios pe:

* 3 oua adevarate ( direct din cuibar )

* cam 500 gr de faina

* un pahar de apa ( poa’ sa fie si de la robinet, dar sa fie robinetu’ curat )

* fructe de tot felul, mai ales daca e vara, ar fi si pacat sa nu ne jucam cu ele

* zahar dupa gust, cam 100- 150gr ca sa fie dulce

Dupa aceasta, se bat albusurile spuma, cu zaharul, apoi se adauga galbenusurile, apa, faina, si se amesteca serios.

Se ia tava cea mai la indemana si se tapeteaza cu putin ulei si faina apoi se toarna compozitia de mai sus si se arunca fructele peste. Toata nebunia se introduce la cuptor, incins, dar nu foarte tare si se lasa in mod masochist la copt, cam 30 minute, pana incepe sa se umple casa de o aroma nebuna de fructe coapte si zahar nebun.


Se scoate apoi si se taie dupa bunul plac si se serveste rece, cu putin zahar farin peste.

Pofta mare !

English version:

It’s a real adventure to be in the kitchen, and I don’t say this for those who come  in the kitchen only to seek a fork and then leave disappointed with a spoon, but I mean it to those who want to cook something and love cooking and baking. I will now  start my serious journey through pots, pans and glasses, spoons, forks and other ladles.

Here’s a simple tart a true summer delight, but very tasty. You will need :

* 3 eggs  (directly from the chicken’s nest)

* About 1 lg of flour

* A glass of water

* Fruits of all kinds, especially if it’s summer, it would also be a shame not to play with them in this tart

* Sugar to your taste, about 100 – 150gr to be sweet enough

You start by beating the egg whites with the sugar, then add the egg yolks, water, flour, and mix them all.

Take the easiest pan and coat it with some sunflower oil and dust it with flour then pour the above mixture and discard the diced fruits over it. The put it in the heated over and leave the medium temperature in.

When cooked it can be  served cold with some sugar dusted over the pieces and a fresh cold lemonade.

Bon appetite and I hope you will enjoy my cooking and baking stories!


8 thoughts on “Inceput de aventura / Begining the adventure

  1. Doar citind reteta parca simt cum se topeste prajiturica si imi incanta la maxim papilele gustative… Cu siguranta am sa incerc si eu aceasta reteta 🙂

  2. Oana, m-ai facut sa inghit in sec, fiindca am tot zis si eu sa fac, dar n-am avut timp. Ce simpla este, o s-o incropesc si eu maine, ca zi am zi de odihna dupa un wek. incarcat, pup!

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