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Mancare de fasole / Beans soup or dish

Ca sa nu avem vorbe la proces, ca in plin post al Craciunului ispitesc lumea cu mancaruri de dulce, iata imi spal pacatele cu o mancarica de fasole, asa ca la mama acasa. Este cu dedicatie pt o prietena draga, care mi-a marturisit ca ii e pofta de o fasole romaneasca.

Avem nevoie de:

  • ~400 gr fasole alba uscata
  • 2 morcovi mai mici
  • un ardei rosu ( capia sau gras )
  • 2 cepe ( potrivite )
  • 3, 4 foi de dafin
  • sare, delicat, cimbru, piper

De cu o seara inainte se spala fasolea si se pune intr-un vas mai mare in apa ca a doua zi sa nu stam sa o fierbem 10 ore.


A doua zi, punem fasolica sa fiarba intr-o oala acoperita initial cu capac. Dupa ce incepe sa semene a fasole fiarta ( pe incercate ) se strecoara, se spala oala si se pune iar la fiert in apa calda, curata. ( asta e un mic truc pt a nu avea probleme mari cu stomacul dupa ce mancati din ea ).


O data cu apa noua se pune si morcovul la fiert, pt ca el fierbe mai greu decat restul legumelor.


In timp ce se fierbe, se toaca ceapa si se pune la calit. Peste ea, cand e deja mai aurie, se pune ardeiul, tocat si el in prealabil. Cand fasolea da semne ca a aproape fiarta se pune ceapa si ardeiul calit peste.


Dupa aproximativ 2 ore , in total, de fiert, se poate spune ca e gata fiarta, dar nu o dam jos de pe foc pana nu o incercam sa fie fiarta bine. Spre final eu mai pun si 2 cartofi taiati cubulete, dar asta depinde de preferintele fiecaruia.

La final, pt ultimele 10 minute se pune delicatul, piper, cimbru ( cam cat iei in mana  cu varful degetelor ), si foile de dafin, precum si 3, 4 linguri de sos de rosii si se mai lasa la fiert ca sa formeze impreuna o petrecere faina. Dupa ce oprim focul se pune si putin patrunjel taiat peste, ca sa completeze aroma.

Cand ne-am asigurat ca totul e fiert se pune la racit intr-o strachina romaneasca ( e musai sa fie strachina, eu o am de la Horezu ) si se serveste cu mare veselie, dar nu mai tarziu de 6 seara:


Pofta mare!

English version:

Because we Romanians are orthodox Christians, before Christmas  people keep the advent and this means they don;t eat with sweet dishes ( meaning any dish made out of meat, eggs, milk products) so this recipe is for them to easy their way until Christmas.  It’s also a dedication for a dear friend who lives in Italy and who told me that she’s craving for a Romanian beans dish as she used to eat at home, made by her mom.

We need:

~ 400 grams of dry white beans
2 small carrots
one red pepper
2 onions
3, 4 bay leaves
salt,  thyme, pepper and other condiments for seasoning

Of the night before you prepare this dish you have to wash the beans and place them in a large bowl covered with water for the next day when you cook it won’t take you 10 hours, alternatively you can buy a can of  beans . The next day boil the  beans in a pot. After it starts to resemble to boiled beans (you first test them) change the water to be clean. (That’s a little trick for not having big problems with your stomach after eating the dish but if you have the beans from the can I don’t think that will be the case for you to do). Once you change the water add the carrots as they have a longer boiling time, then add the rest of the vegetables.

While boiling, chop the onion and brown it in a pan with some sunflower oil. When it’s already golden, add the pepper, chopped in advance. When the beans show signs that they are almost cooked add the onions and peppers in the pot twith them. After a total cooking time of 2 hours or less you can say that its ready cooked. Towards the end I sometimes add diced potatoes as well, but it depends on your preferences.

Finally, for the last 10 minutes of boiling add the salt, pepper, thyme (about as  much as you take in hand with the fingertips), and bay leaves, and 3, 4 tablespoons tomato sauce and let it boil 4 more minutes to form together a party meal. After you take it off the stove add some chopped parsley over, to complement the flavor.

When we made sure that everything is cooked we use, to cool down the dish, a traditional Romanian clay bowl called “strachina” ( I have it from Horezu, a small town that still keeps traditon alive) and serve it with great joy, but no later than 6 pm.


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