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Gogosi impletite / Romanian donuts

Cine pe planeta asta n-a mancat gogosi?? Macar la figurat vorbind … Este probabil cel mai simplu desert romanesc din cate stiu eu si intotdeauna are un succes ravasitor. Pt ca acest blog se numeste amintiri din bucatarie, imi aduc aminte cu mare drag, de zilele de 31 al lunii decembrie, cand bunica Lina, se pregatea de Anul Nou, dar mai ales de primit colindatori. Si mama mea, copil fiind, avea aceeasi bucurie, ca si eu tot de la ea am mostenit-o, sa vada o masa plina de coca parfumata, cum se transforma in mici si minunate bile aurii si putin maronite in ceaunul cu ulei incins. Bunica mea avea obiceiul de a face gogosi ca desert, pt Anul Nou, si cand copii satului veneau inghetati si fara chef de colindat la ea in curte, mirosul minunat ii ducea direct la bucataria de vara, unde bunica prajea de zor zeci de gogosi ca sa ii rasplateasca pt efort, pt manutele lor inghetate, pt bucuria din glas si pt a intra in anul urmator cu parfum de gogosi si coaja rasa de lamaie.

Reteta e simpla si poate fi adaptata dupa gust:

  1. 500 gr faina
  2. 2 oua
  3. cca. 150 gr zahar
  4. o cana de lapte
  5. 30 gr drojdie proaspata
  6. coaja rasa de lamaie
  7. cateva linguri de ulei

Se incalzeste laptele si se adauga drojdia si o lingura de zahar, se amesteca bine si se lasa putin la odihnit. Faina se pune intr-un vas si se face o gaura in mijloc, dupa care adaugam  ingredientele si laptele, si incepem framantatul. Dupa ce al framanatat bine, se lasa la crescut, intr-o camera incalzita bine, acoperit cu un stergar din carpa. Dupa ce a crescut incepem prelucrarea gogosilor. Bunica mea le intindea pe masa presarata cu faina si facea o coca groasa cam de un deget, dupa care cu un pahar decupa gogosile rotunde. Ea are acum 80 de ani si energia cu care pregatea gogosile in trecut, s-a mai pierdut, insa eu am gasit si un alt mod de a le face. Iau cate putin aluat, il fac sul si incep sa impletesc cate 3 astfel de suluri, ca si cum ai impleti parul unei fetite. Apoi tai cu un cutit portii lungi de 10, 15 cm si le pun la prajit in tuciul cu ulei incins bine:


Dupa ce le prajesc, presar peste ele zahar farin si sunt gata de servit, si calde si reci


Pofta mare!

English version:

Who on this planet didn’t ate donuts? At least once and you did enjoyed them, but I bet you never ate Romanian donuts. It is probably the easiest dessert I know Romanians often make and it always has a ravishing success. Cause this blog is called memories from the kitchen, I remember very fondly, the days of December 31, when Grandma Lina was preparing for New Years Eve the donuts, but especially to give them to carolers. My mother, when she was a child, had the same joy that I have, inherited from her of course, to see a table full of fragrant dough turning into wonderful slightly brownish or golden balls. My grandmother used to make donuts for dessert, for New Years Eve, and when the village children came frozen in her yard, the smell coming from the summertime kitchen led directly to the where my grandmother was busily roasting dozens of donuts to reward them for their effort, for their little hands frozen for their voices full of the joy of welcoming the next year with the beautiful scent of donuts and lemon zest.

The recipe is simple and can be modified to your own taste:

about 1 lb of  flour

2 eggs

less than half 1 lb of sugar
a big cup of milk
30 gr fresh yeast
lemon zest
few tablespoons of sunflower oil

Warm the milk and add the yeast and sugar, mix well and let it rest a bit. Put the flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle, then add all the ingredients and the milk, and begin kneading. After the well kneading, let it rise in a warm room well covered with a fabric kitchen towel.  After it had grown to doubling the volume start processing the Romanian donuts. My grandmother used to lay the dough on the table and make about one inch thick, then she cut the donuts with a round glass. She is now 80 years old and the energy that drove her spirit into preparing these donuts in the past, is most lose now, but I finf the same joy as she did and also another way to make them. I take some dough, I roll it like a cord and begin to weave 3 of these cords, like I would do with the hair like of a little girl. I then cut with a knife long portions of 10, 15 cm and put them to fry in a hot oil pan on the stove.

Enjoy our Romanian traditions!


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