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Lapte de pasare / Poultry milk

Da, da, vedeti bine ce scrie acolo, lapte de pasare. Va marturisesc cu sinceritate ca prima oara cand am auzit de acest desert am fost mai mult decat intrigata, pt ca nu imi puteam imagina ce vrea sa insemne lapte de pasare. Fiind crescuta la tara de mica, printre gaini, porci, rate, curcani, vaci si alte animale, aveam o idee destul de clara si bine definita in mintea mea asupra bunatatilor pe care le luam de la fiecare animal in parte. Orice copil de 3 ani stie ca de la vaca luam lapticul, de la gaina oul, de la porc luam carnea si tot asa. Mami mi-a explicat apoi ca este de fapt un desert mai deosebit, care se face din oua si lapte, si din cauza asta se numeste asa. Rasfoind ieri pe net zeci de site-uri de retete am dat peste reteta aceasta si am zis ca n-are cum sa-mi scape.

Am ajuns acasa, am luat cina cu domnul sotu’, si i-am zis, ma duc la bucatarie sa fac ceva special.

Pt cam 3 portii ( initial voiam doar 2, dau au iesit 3 ) avem nevoie de:

  • 3 oua
  • 500 ml lapte dulce
  • esenta de vanilie, sau portocala, sau ce vreti voi
  • o lingura cu varf de faina
  • un plic de zahar vaniliat
  • cam 4 sau 5 linguri de zahar

Se incepe prin separarea galbenusului de albus. Albusul il batem bine cu mixerul pana se face o spuma faina care are si putin sclipici in ea, seamana cu zapada, si se potriveste de minune cu sarbatorile ce vor veni curand:

Apoi punem laptele pe foc cu zaharul, si il lasam sa se incalzeasca bine, asa se va topi si zaharul. Cand da semne ca vrea sa fiarba luam cu o lingura gogosele din albusul batut si le punem in lapte sa fiarba cam 1 minut fiecare, actiunea seamana mult cu prajitul gogosilor in baie de ulei

Veti vedea ca in timp ce ele fierb, laptele se va umfla, asadar aveti grija mare sa fie focul dat mic si mai suflati peste el. Eu le-am si intors pe cealalta parte ca sa fie fierte bine

Si repetati procedura pana fierbeti tot albusul batut spuma. Dupa ce terminati le lasati la odihna intr-o farfurie, for avea consisenta placuta, aerata si putin gelatinoasa, cum sunt biscuitii cu crema de marshmallow

In timp ce minunile astea mici se odihnesc, bateti bine galbenusul, puneti esenta peste laptele fiert si apoi si galbenusul si lingura de faina, amestecati bine pana faceti o budinca de casa frumos parfumata. La cartea de bucate scrie ca aceasta crema seamana cu o budinca insa eu am frecat dinainte galbenusul cu faina si l-am turnat pe tot o data si a iesit o budinca cu parti mai mici de galbenus fiert, ca niste taitei, in cazul meu, smecheria asta a dat mai multa savoare si importanta gogosii de albus, din farfurie

Pofta mare!

English version:

Yeah, yeah, well what you see it’s exactly what I wrote, meaning poultry milk. Honestly I must confess that the first time I heard of this dessert I was more than intrigued, for I could not imagine what does that poultry milk really means. Being raised at the country side, my grandma was raising chickens, pigs, ducks, turkeys, cows and other animals, and I had a pretty clear idea in my mind and very well defined on the goods you take from each animal. Any 3 year old child knows that the cow gives us the milk, the chicken gives us the egg, the meat from the pigs and so on. Then Mommy told that this is actually a great dessert that is made from eggs and milk, and that’s way they called poultry milk. Browsing the net the other day from  dozens of recipes sites I came across this recipe and I thought there’s no way I’m not making it at home.

I got home, I had dinner with Mr. Husband, and I said, I am going to the kitchen to do something special for desert.

For about 3 servings (initially just wanted 2 give emerged 3) we need:

3 eggs
500 ml fresh milk
vanilla, or orange, or what you want for flavor
heaped spoon of flour
a bag of vanilla sugar
about 4 or 5 tablespoons of sugar

It begins by separating egg whites. Whites are the beaten well with mixer; it will turn into a nice aery foam that has a bit of glitter in it, looks like snow. Then we heat the milk with the sugar and leave it to heat well, so it melts and sugar. When you see the milk starts to boil you to take with a spoon a donuts size ball from the whites and put them into the milk to boil about 1 minute each, the action is much like frying something in oil bath. You will see that while they boil the milk will swell, so make sure the fire on the stove is at a lower pressure and blow over the milk as well. I also turned them on the other side and they would cooked well.
Boil and repeat the procedure until all whites get stiff. Once done they have to rest on a plate and they will have the consistency very airy and slightly gelatinous, such as  marshmallow cream.While these small wonders are resting, beat well the remaining yolks, add them over the boiled milk along with the  spoon of flour, stir well to make a nice homemade pudding, with vanilla perfume.

In the cookbook they said it looks like a cream pudding but I rubbed yolk with the flour before pouring it in the milk and my pudding had smaller yolk parts, like noodles, a trick that  gave more flavor and importance the the whites cocoon on my plate.



3 thoughts on “Lapte de pasare / Poultry milk

  1. Cand erau copiii mai mici, faceam si eu laptele de pasare, nu l-am mai facut demuuuult, de ce oare, ca e tare bunnnn!

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