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Peste marinat / Marinated fish

Reteta asta imi aduce aminte de anii de facultate, cand stateam la camin si mama unei colege de camera ii trimitea mai mereu borcanele minune cu peste marinat. Prima oara cand am vazut am zis ca sunt niste montrii hidosi si clar nu trebuie sa gust din ei, sub nici o forma. Gustul insa, nu poate fi inlocuit si va spun ca o sa va placa rezultatul. Pt reteta asta se incepe cu bagarea cozii in balta, daca nu aveti cum bagati mana in portofel si cumparati peste.

Avem nevoie de:

  • 4 pesti, macrou
  • cam 4 linguri de faina
  • 2 linguri de sare
  • o cana cu otet
  • 4 cani de apa
  • 5, 6 foi de dafin
  • piper boabe

Se incepe prin curatarea pestelui de intestine, si se taie in cate 3 parti. Il lasam sa se scurga de apa dupa ce l-am spalat bine si il dam prin faina inainte de a-l pune la prajit in tigaie.


Il lasam sa se prajeasca si pe o parte si pe alta:


Dupa ce se prajeste, il lasam pe farfurie sa se odihneasca.


Dupa ce s-a odihnit punem intr-o oala apa, otetul ( de Mizil, cum recomanda tati si la muraturi), sarea, foile de dafin si piperul si asezam bucatile de peste prajit in borcane


Dupa ce zeama de marinat sa semne de fierbere, o lasam sa iasa aburul din ea si o turnam peste pestele din borcan cat mai e fierbinte si punem capacul. Vor arata ca niste monstruleti la marinat, dar nu va speriati, gustul va indeparta imaginea din memoria si celui mai sceptic degustator:


Se serveste rece, dupa macar 24 de ore de stat la marinat. Si e numai bun acum in post cand e dezlegare la peste.

Pofta mare!

English version:

This recipe reminds me of years of college, when I staid in the students dorms, and the mother of one of my roommates used to sent her very often these great jars with marinated fish. The first time I saw it I said it’s assembling some hideous monsters and clearly doesn’t worth tasting them any way. The taste, however, can’t be replaced with anything else and I’ll say that you will like the result as much as I did. This recipe begins with carefully placing a tail in the pond, if you don’t have any, stick your hand into the wallet and buy the fish.

We need:

4 fish, mackerel
about 4 tablespoons of flour
2 tablespoons of salt
a cup of vinegar
4 cups of water
5, 6 bay leaves

It begins by cleaning the intestines of the fish, and cut them into 3 parts each. Leave it to drain the water after a good wash and give it well a good turn int the flour before putting in pan to fry. Let them fry well on each side. After frying, leave them on a plate to rest.
After they have rested put in a bowl the water, vinegar (as recommended by my father on the pickles recipe I used the same vinegar), salt, bay leaves and pepper and the put it on the stove to boil then place the fried fish pieces in jars. After the juice for the marinade shows boiling signs, let the steam evaporate and pour it in the jars and add the lid over fish. It will look like monsters set to marinate, but don’t worry, the taste will remove the image from any memory including from the most skeptical taster.



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