Tort graviduta / Pregnant cake

Putini din cititorii acestui articol vor simiti emotia unui asemenea tort. A fost la rugamintea unei colege tot pt o colega, insarcinata, care urmeaza sa nasca foarte curand. Emotia unui copil nu o stiu toti, numai cei care sunt deja parinti. Banuiesc, pt ca nu sunt parinte inca, si cred ca multi alti ca si mine, ca este ceva frumos, o mare si frumoasa responsabilitate fata de tine in primul rand si mai apoi fata de cel caruia ii esti parinte, mama sau tata. Pt doamne si domnisoare, viitoare mamici, o surpriza dulce care sa prezinte un moment din viata de gravida cu siguranta deschide o larga paleta de trairi. Aceasta a fost si miza tortului si a ajuns direct la tinta.

Pt tortul acesta de graviduta, avem nevoie de:

  • 7 blaturi de tort
  • aproximativ 500 gr unt
  • cam 1, 5 ml de frisca lichida
  • aproximativ 800 ml iaurt de fructe
  • fructe proaspete, in functie de tema aleasa
  • si mult fondant colorat, eu am utilizat mai mult de 1kg


Se incepe cu aranjarea in pagina, daca vreti. Am folosit aceeasi metoda ca la tortul buburuza, numai ca trebuie un vas mai mare pt burtica si doua mai mici pt sani:


Tehnica este de a tapeta peretii vasului cu blat de tort, uniform. Se pune crema, apoi fructele taiate marunt, alt blat, iar crema, si la final un blat pe post de baza. Straturile vor fi mai multe sau mai putine in functie de marimea tortului. Acesta a avut cam 10 kg.


Dupa ce am asamblat fiecare din cele 2 parti componente le lasam la rece, la frigider minim 5 ore ca sa se omogenizeze si sa cream o constructie cat mai rezistenta. Se aranjeaza apoi pe tava, se imbraca in icing din unt si se decoreaza cu fondant.


Pt un efect si mai ravasitor am folosit o bucata mica de blat taiata in forma de amprenta de talpa a piciorului, cum fac de obicei bebelusii in burtica mamei.


Reactia viitoarei mamici a fost cu adevarat nepretuita


Ii dorim nastere usoara si un bebe voios si sanatos.

English version:

Few readers of this article will feel the emotion of such a cake. It was made at the request of a colleague for another pregnant colleague, who will give birth soon. Child emotions are not know to everyone, only those who are already parents understand it. I guess, for I am not yet a parent, and I think many others like me, that is beautiful, a great and beautiful liability feeling towards you in the first place and towards to the one to whom you are a parent, mother or father. The ladies and misses, future moms, felt this sweet surprise differently as the pregnant moment in their life will certainly open a wide range of experiences. This was the cake’s stake and it went straight to its target.

For this pregnant woman cake , we need:

7 tops the cake
approximately 500 g butter
about 1, 5 ml of whipped cream
approximately 800 ml yogurt fruit
fresh fruit, depending on the chosen theme
and more colorful fondant, I used more than 1kg

It begins with the layout if you want to call it so. I used the same method as for the Ladybug cake, only that is was made in a greater bowl for the belly and two smaller bowls for the breasts. The technique is to  wallpaper with countertop the  vessel walls evenly. Place the cream, then chopped fruits, another countertop and again cream, and finally a crust as a basis.  After it is assembled, each of the 2 parts have to be cooled down,  leave them in the refrigerator at least 5 hours to create a  solid structure. Then arrange on a platter, dress it in butter as icing and decorate with fondant.
For even more ravishing effect I used a small piece of dough shaped as a footprint as I know babies usually do in the womb.
We wish for her an easy birth and a healthy and cheerful baby.

Cum coacem castanele / How to roast chestnuts

Nu va ganditi ca am dat in boala prostului si de la torturi traznite nu mai stiu nici macar sa coc niste castane. Ei bine nici eu nu stiam un truc mic atunci cand te decizi sa coci in casa castane comestibile cumparate de la magazin. Am aflat tot de pe net, de la altcineva la fel de inspirat si m-am gandit si eu sa impartasesc aceeasi tactica celor care au placere sa citeasca aventurile mele in bucatarie.

Cand vrem sa coacem in casa castanele, trebuie sa le crestam cu un cutit pe o parte cat sa facem o taietura mica, acest lucru le va ajuta sa se coaca bine si uniform, dar si mai rapid


Dupa ce ne-am nenorocit mainile testandu-ne forta intr-un mod cat mai putin inspirat, caci va spun, usor nu este, le punem in tava cu hartie de copt si le bagam la cuptor


Ca si timp de coacere nu stiu exact sa va zic cat dureaza ca nici eu nu m-am uitat la ceas. In fond toata chestia asta cu coptul tine si de simt, si aici ma refer la miros. Daca stati linistiti la televizor sau va uita sfantu pe net navigand, si subit va vine un miros placut de mancare proaspata, mergeti la bucatarie si verificati cuptorul, nu va bazati ca vecina gateste des. Asa am facut si eu, dupa miros m-am dus la bucatarie si le-am scos calde si vesle din cuptor.


Se vor desprinde usor de coaja, cu celasi cutit cu care le-ati chinuit mai devreme si vor avea un gust placut de nuca coapta.


Eu le-am servit in mod inspirat, zic eu, cu crema de zahar ars si cateva fructe de padure.

Divin, nu altceva!

English version:

Don’t you think now that I have the stupidity illness and I don’t know even how to roast some chestnuts. Well I didn’t know a little trick you should remember when you decide to roast at home the edible chestnuts bought from the store. I learned everything about this also from the internet from someone else as inspired as I was and I thought to share the same tactics with those who like to read my adventures in the kitchen.

When you want to roast the chestnuts, you have to make a notch with a knife on one side, it will help them to ripen well and evenly, but more quickly as well. After we test our force in the less uninspiring way possible, as you need to know,  this aint easy, put them in the pan with parchment paper and stuff them in the oven, preheated.
As baking time, to tell you honestly, I don’t know exactly how long it takes, as I don’t I look at the clock all the time when I bake. All this baking thing is a problem of senses, and here I refer to the smelling one. If you sit quietly to watch TV or surfing the net and forget about the world, and suddenly it  pops a pleasant smell of fresh cooked or baked food, go to the kitchen and check the oven, don’t rely on your often cooking neighbor. So I did the same, and by the smell I went into the kitchen and pulled out of the oven the warm and merry roasted chestnuts.
They will peel off easily with the same knife you have struggled them earlier on and the taste will be similar to ripe nuts.

I’ve served them in an inspired way, I think, with the burned sugar flan and some berries.

Absolutely divine I say!

Crema de zahar ars / Romanian style Crème brulee

Dragilor, cine n-a mancat crema de zahar ars, n-a copilarit in Romania, sau mai bine zis n-a avut rude pe aici, parinti sau alte neamuri. E un desert atat de cunoscut incat nu stiu pe cineva care sa nu fi mancat pana acum minunata crema delicata si dulce. Pregateam zilele trecute un tort mare si intre timp am zis ca n-ar fi rau sa fac un desert rapid si pt mine si sotul meu, si atunci am vazut in frigider putin lapte dulce si idee a venit de la sine.

Pt minunata crema avem nevoie de:

  • 4 oua proaspete
  • 500 ml lapte dulce
  • 12 linguri de zahar
  • si o esenta acolo pt putin parfum

Se incepe prin a bate ouale intregi.


Peste ele adaugam jumatate din cantitatea de zahar si laptele si le batem bine sa se omogenizeze


Le lasam putin la odihna si incepem partea mai interesanta. Restul de zahar se pune intr-o craticioara nu foarte mare, cam de 2 l capacitate si se topeste pe foc. Focul la aragaz trebuie sa fie potrivit, nu mare si se amesteca in continuu cu o lingura de lemn pana se transforma intr-o dulceata asemanatoare cu mierea. Dupa ce s-a topit tot zaharul, se ia cratita si se invarte cu ambele maini astfel incat sa tapetam peretii cu zaharul lichid.


Dupa aceasta turnam zeama de oua si lapte peste zahar si bagam la cuptor. Veti vedea ca eu n-am pus cratita in cuptor la bagne marie am asezat-o direct pe gratar in cuptor, la un foc potrivit.


Se va coace in aproximativ 15 – 20 de minute , va dati seama de aceasta incercand cu o scobitoare din lemn


Se lasa la racit si apoi la frigider cateva ore si se serveste dupa bunul plac.

Eu am folosit la decor zmeura si mure si cateva castane coapte


Pofta mare!

English version:

My darlings you surely didn’t grew up in Romania you never ate Crème brulee, or rather did not have any relatives here, parents or other relatives. It’s a dessert so popular that I don’t know anyone who hasn’t eaten yet the beautifully delicate and silky sweet cream. I was preparing a large cake a few days ago and in the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to make a quick dessert and for me and my husband, and then I saw some sweet milk in the fridge and the idea came naturally.

For this Crème brulee we need:

4 fresh eggs
500 ml fresh milk
12 tablespoons of sugar
Essentially there for a little perfume

It starts by beating the eggs. Then add half of the sugar and the milk over the eggs and beat them to blend.
Then you start with the most interesting part. Put the remaining sugar in a saucepan,not very large, about 2 liters capacity and put it over the stove to melt the sugar. The fire on the stove must be medium, not too big and you need to stir continuously with a wooden spoon until it becomes similar to honey. After all the sugar has melted, take the pan and spin it with both hands so that liquid sugar will form walls all over the pan.
After that pour the juice out of the milk and eggs. You will see that I did not put the pan in the oven at Bagne Marie,  I  just placed it directly on the grill in the oven at a moderate heat.

It will cook in about 15 to 20 minutes, you realize that when trying the consistency with a wooden toothpick.
Allow it to cool and then refrigerate it for several hours and serve it as you like.I used some raspberries and blackberries for decoration and some roasted chestnuts.


Tort Tanc / Tank cake

Nu, nu… nu ne pregatim de lupta… inca :)) Dar!! Am avut o misiune “aproape imposibila” de dus la capat. Spun aproape pt ca fratilor, mi-a iesit si de data asta. Stiu, sunt modesta, asta e. A fost de curand ziua de nastere a unui coleg de munca pasionat de industria militara cu tot ce cuprinde ea, de la avioane la soldati, de la tehnici militare la echipamente, de la jucarii si carti pana la … tancuri. Si ce-au zis colegii mei, te lauzi ca stii sa faci torturi smechere? Bine, ia sa faci un tanc de data asta. A fost o provocare dar mi-a placut la nebunie. M-am documentat cam o saptamana, am tras de limba “victima” sa imi spuna ce arome ii plac si gata am fost de atac. O sa va prezint mai jos in poze etapele principale.

Pt lupta avem nevoie de:

  • 2 blaturi, ca cele pufoase si minunate pe care le fac eu
  • 650 gr iaurt de fructe, de data asta am folosit cu arome de mango si caise
  • 800 ml frisca lichida
  • esente de rom si portocale
  • 5 portocale proaspete
  • 450 gr de martipan
  • 300 gr unt, pt icing
  • 500 gr de fondant, comandat de la profesionisti
  • colorant

Si incepem batalia luand in calcul cu cine ne luptam. Punem planul de atac pe masa de bucatarie, schitam niste idei si incepem cu… poze :))


Dupa ce ne dam seama cu cine avem de-a face, batem repede frisca la mixer. Apropo, am nevoie de unul nou si mai bun ca asta saracu deja face galagie, daca intelegeti problema; si dupa ce batem frisca amestecam intr-un vas mare cu iaurtul de fructe:


Dupa aceasta trecem la asamblare. De data aceasta blaturile au iesit mai pufoase pt ca am pus o idee mai putina faina si n-a mai fost nevoie de insiropare deci trecem peste acest stadiu. Punem primul blat, si asezam cu generozitate un strat serios de crema pufoasa peste care asezam cat mai multe fructe rupte bucatele


Repetam actiunea aceasta pana dam forma namilei si apoi o mangaiem frumos si delicat cu untul care a fost topit si racit in prealabil si batut cu mixerul, pt icing, pas obligatoriu:


Il lasam la odihna la rece, sa nu i se urce la cam maretia si pregatim martipanul. Din motive obiective eu am avut martipan galben pe care l-am combinat cu un colorant albastru si putin negru si a iesit un kaki frumos, ca cel folosit de trupele militare. L-am framantat bine, bine pana mi-a patruns in piele si apoi l-am pus pe o folie alimentara de plastic si l-am intins cu sucitorul:


Apoi cu marele chin de pe lume si o precizie tipic militareasca, pregatim si martipanul in culoare neagra si incepem decorarea:


Pt un look cat mai realist am pastrat martipan necolorat si am inceput sa ma joc cu el:


Dupa aceasta il mai aranjam putin cu alte detalii si gata la frigider.


Aici este deja livrat la destinatie, calitatea pozei nu este magnifica pt ca poza a fost facuta cu telefonul, insa pe pagina de Facebook promit sa pun si poze mai aratoase.

Si cu interiorul


Sa traiti!!

English version:

No, no … we are not preparing to fight … yet :)) But! I had a mission “almost impossible” to take to a good end. I say almost, cause brother, I went all the way and I made it this time too. I know, I am modest. Recently it was the birthday of a colleague from work, passionate about the military industry with  everything there is in it, from planes to soldiers and military technical equipment, from toys and books to … tanks. And so my colleagues said to me: ” you boast that you know to do super cakes? Okay, let’s have a tank this time, made by you”. It was a challenge but I loved it. I researched for about a week, I terrorized the “victim” to tell me what he likes as in flavors, fruits and there I was were ready for the battle. I will present to you below the main stages in pictures.

For the big fight we need:

2 sponges, like the fluffy and wonderful ones that I do
650 g fruit yogurt, this time I used mango and apricot flavors
800 ml whipped cream
rum and orange essences
5 fresh oranges
450 grams of marzipan
300 gr butter for icing
500 grams of fondant ordered from professionals

And here it begins, the battle by taking into account who are we fighting with. We make a plan for the great attack on the kitchen table, sketch some ideas and we start with … pictures :))
Once we have realized who we are dealing with, we beat the cream in the blender quickly. By the way, I need a new and better one cause this one was a collateral victim, if you understand the problem, and after beating the cream we mix it into a large bowl with the fruit yogurt. After that starts the assembly. This time my fluffier countertops were great because I had an idea to a little bit less flour when baking them so they didn’t needed the sirup.

We first have to add a seriously generous layer of fluffy cream and  over it the fruits  broken into small pieces. Repeat this action until it will start to have the shape on a tank, then beautifully and delicately ice it with the butter that was melted and cooled in advance and also beaten with the mixer.
Leave it to rest and cool down and prepare the marzipan. Due to objective reasons I had yellow fondant which I combined with blue and a little black color dye and it turned into a handsome khaki, as the one used by military forces. The you ridden it well well and then put it on a plastic food wrap and I lay it with a rolling pin.
Then with great precision as the typical military precision, prepare and marzipan in black color and begin decorating. For more realistic look I kept some uncolored marzipan aside and started to play with it.
After this I fixed it with more details and ready in the fridge. The picture quality is not magnificent at all, for that picture was taken with the phone, but on Facebook I promise to put more pictures showing my cake at its best looking.

Eye eye captain !!

Pui asiatic / Asian style chicken

Multa lume, tot mai multa lume se da in vant dupa lucruri, idei, mancaruri si inovatii asiatice, sau dupa lucruri vechi dar care pt noi erau doar exotisme in carti cu iz de aventura. Nu pot sa zic ca ador mancarea de origine asiatica din simplul motiv ca nu am incercat foarte multe feluri de mancare care sa provina din acea zona. De cand am inceput nebunia blogaritului, la inceput fiind strict decisa sa blogaresc despre dulciuri si torturi, mi-am dat seama ca ideile mele de gospodina incepatoare ar putea ajuta si alti oameni in postura mea asa ca am inceput sa gatesc feluri noi, din toate categoriile. Asa a venit ideea unui fel de mancare semi asiatic, cum ii zic eu, unde am pus doar putin sos de soia, piper si curry.

Pt acesta avem nevoie de:

  • 2 pulpe dezosate de pui
  • 2 cepe de marime mijlocie
  • sare, piper, curry si sos de soia
  • si contrar asteptarilor, puiul meu asiatic a fost facut intr-un tuci 100% mioritic si nu intr-un wok

Luam ingredientele si le pozam. Dupa cum vedeti ceapa mea da sa incolteasca si nu aveam cum sa nu o pozez si pe ea.


Apoi punem ceapa tocata la calit in putin ulei. O scoatem de acolo sa nu se arda si punem si puiul taiat cubulete sau fasii, sa se prajeasca si cand se vede ca incepe sa fie gatit, adaugam ceapa la loc


Cand se prajeste puiul adaugam condimentele magice, o lingurita de curry, un praf de sare, piper si tot cam o lingurita de sos de soia si le lasam putin sa se cunoasca.

Eu l-am servit cu crema de usoturoi pe care v-am prezentat-o la rulada de ciuperci, si briosele cu spanac ca si garnitura. A fost o cina foarte satioasa, usoara si cu arome noi


Pofta mare!

English version:

Many people, more and more people are turning crazy about things, ideas, innovations and Asian dishes, or for others as old as the world, but for us these were just exotic flavor adventures in books we read. I can’t say that I love Asian food for the simple reason that I have not tried many dishes that come from that area. Since I started the work with this blogging insanity, at first strictly committed to Blogging sweets and cakes, I realized that my ideas as a rookie housewife could help other people in my position so I started to cook in new ways, all kind of dishes. So the idea of a semi Asian dish, as I call it, was a perfect way to introduce Asia on my plates with a little soy sauce, pepper and curry.

For this we need:

2 boneless chicken thighs
2 medium sized onions
salt, pepper, curry and soy sauce
and contrary to expectations, my Asian chicken was cooked in a 100% Romanian pot and not in a wok

Take a pic to all the ingredients. As you can see my onions started to sprout and I couldn’t take some pictures to it.
Then put the chopped onion in some oil to brown it. Take it out of there not to burn and add the diced or shredded chicken, to fry.When you see it begins to be cooked, add back the onion.
Then you add the seasonings over the fry chicken, a teaspoon of curry powder, salt, pepper and about a teaspoon of soy sauce and leave them to make acquaintance.

I’ve served it with garlic cream that I presented at the mushroom rolls and spinach muffins as a garnish. It was a very filling dinner, light and with new flavors.


Briose cu spanac / Spinach muffins

Se spune ca in sezonul rece e bine sa iti ajuti organismul cu legume si fructe ca sa faca fata provocarilor de sezon, mult mai mari decat in timpul sezonului cald. Spanacul nu este una din legumele preferate nici de mine nici de sotul meu si de aceea am zis ca trebuie sa gasesc un mod cat mai placut de a-l gati pt a fi savurat de amandoi. Am cautat cateva retete si asa am gasit reteta de briose cu spanac, pe care am modificat-o putin, adaugand putina culoare cu ardei rosu.

Pt briosele noastre avem nevoie de:

  • cam 200 gr de spanac congelat, vara puteti folosi si proaspat
  • intre 250 si 300 gr de faina
  • un praf de sare si piper
  • 1 plic praf de copt
  • 150 ml lapte dulce
  • intre 75 si 100 ml ulei
  • 2 oua intregi

Se incepe prin separarea galbenusrilor de albusuri. Albusurile le batem cu mizerul pana se transforma intro spuma tare ca pt prajituri


Apoi punem galbenusurile si restul ingredientelor, mai putin faina, intr-un vas si le amestecam. Dupa aceasta adaugam albusurile


Amestecam usor si adaugam si faina treptat.

Tava de briose trebuie sa fie la indemana. Eu am folosit hartie de copt taiata in patratele dar puteti pune si hartie clasica de briose si le bagati la cuptor ceva mai mult de 30 de minute in cuptorul incalzit dinainte


Se servesc ca si garnitura cu crema de branza si carne de pui.


Pofta mare!

English version:

It is said that in winter it’s good to help your body with fruits and vegetables to meet the challenges of the season, much higher than during the summer. Spinach is not one of my favorite vegetables nor for my husband and I said that I have to find a way of cooking it more enjoyable for both to eat it. I searched some recipes and so I found these spinach muffins recipe, which I modified a bit, adding some color with red pepper.

We need for our cupcakes:

about 200 grams of frozen spinach, in the summer you can also use fresh spinach
between 250 and 300 grams of flour
a pinch of salt and pepper
1 sachet baking powder
150 ml fresh milk
between 75 and 100 ml oil
2 whole eggs

It begins by separating the egg whites. Beat them up to  when they became a foam as you would bake cookies.Then take the yolks and remaining ingredients, except the flour, and put them into a bowl and mix them. After that add the egg whites.Mix gently and gradually add the flour.

The muffin tray must be at hand. I used baking paper cut into squares but you can also put classic muffin paper. Put them into the oven, it will bake in a little more than 30 minutes in the preheated oven. Serve them as a garnish with cream cheese and chicken.