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Tort roata de masina / Wheel cake

A fost un tort deosebit. Saracul, fie-ei blatul usor acolo in cerurile stomacurilor care l-au devorat, fie-ei crema pufoasa si decorul apreciat, in veci vecilor… poate mai vrea cineva unul ca el…

Aceeasi persoana care a avut atat incredere nebuna in mine sa imi comande si celelalte torturi a fost si de aceasta data “vinovata” pt creatia mai jos prezentata. Ii multumesc acum si o sa ii multumesc multa vreme de aici inainte caci mi-a dat curaj si mie si speranta ca usor usor o sa imi gasesc o vocatie in viata, alta decat cea care ma tine aproape de prosti toata ziua,dar si de valori false ale societatii. O vocatie care sa imi imbalzeasca spitirul nebun si care sa imi pastreeze vie speranta ca oamenii sunt buni in sinea lor, si frumosi, si merita sa crezi in ei.

Vorbesc mult si degeaba si cred ca e cazul sa trec la poze si la explicatii. Ideea era sa uimesc intr-un mod cat mai placut si unic sarbatoritul, si asa a fost. E adevarat ca are defecte tortul asta, dar in fond, si un copac poate creste stramb, si un animal e mai placut ochiului decat altul, insa interiorul conteaza (o expresie care ma face sa turbez de cele mai multe ori ).

Avem nevoie de:

  • 5 blaturi
  • aproximativ 400 gr ciocolata de menaj
  • aproximativ 1 l de frisca lichida
  • o cutie de 450 gr de iaurt de fructe, de preferat cu o aroma usor acrisoara
  • un pachet de unt
  • fructe pt interior
  • si pt decor, cam 500 gr de martipan sau fondant
  • 2 plicuri gelatina

Se incepe cu o zi inainte, cand se pune cam 500 ml de frisca lichida la incalzit, pana ajunge spre punctul de fierbere si in ea se pun bucati de ciocolata de menaj. In reteta gasita de mine rapoartele erau egale, insa eu recomand o contitate ceva mai mica de ciocolata, sa zicem la 500 ml de frisca lichida folosim 400 sau chiar 350 gr de ciocolata. Se amesteca bine ca sa se topeasca ciocolata si obtinem o crema densa care se lasa la racit si apoi la frigider pana a doua zi cand se va bate la mixer ca pe o frisca normala.


Cand ne-am decis sa facem tortul, pregatim cealalta jumatate din cantitatea de frisca si dupa ce am batut-o o amestecam cu iaurtul de fructe si 2 plicuri de gelatina preparata conform instructiunilor de pe ambalaj.


Continuam treaba cu pregatirea blaturilor, care se taie rotund, cu diferite forme de marimi tot mai mici pana facem niste creculete


Apoi luam cercurile si le aranjam de asa natura incat sa se intretaie:


Dupa aceasta le punem pe suportul de torturi si cu o punga taiata la un colt turnam primul rand de crema. De exemplu peste blatul de cacao turnam crema alba de frisca iar peste cel alb turnam crema ganache.


si asa


Asezam toate blaturile, la mine au fost 4.

Apoi imbracam tortul in unt batut cu mixerul, asta in loc de icing, si il lasam putin la frigider.


In acest timp se trece la asamblarea masinutei, care este facultativa, eu asa am avut designul, din blatul de tort ramas, astfel incat sa aiba crema in interior dar sa aiba si forma de masina. Aici m-a ajutat foarte mult si sotul meu.


Dupa aceasta, incepe nebunia adevarata caci va trebui sa imbram tortul in martipan sau fondant. Eu am folosit pt roata in sine acelasi martipan folosit si la tortul buburuza, iar pt masina am facut in casa o pasta de zahar, ca in reteta doamnei Viorica Dinu, o maestra autohtona.




La final ornarea se face cu tuburi de pasta colorata din comert, Dr. Oetker, ca sa scriem cat mai frumos si mai personalzat pe tort



teste masina

Interiorul a fost si el magnific, un tort mozaic, o splendoare


Pofta mare si por la tortarit! Daca nu va descurcati, puteti comanda la mine.

English version:

It was a great cake. Bless be in heaven the sponge as it blessed the stomachs of those who devoured it,  and blessed be the fluffy cream and appreciated decor, forever and ever … maybe someone else would like me making one more…

The same person who was so mad and had the the confidence to order cakes from me was also the “guilty as charged”  for the creation presented below. I thank her and I will thank her now for a long time from now one because she gave me courage and hope that in time I will  find my vocation in life other than the one which keeps me close to stupid people all day, surrounded by them and also of those with false values ​​of society. A vocation that will tame my crazy spirit and that I hope will bring faith to me that people  are good inside themselves, and beautiful, and deserve to believe in them.

Chatter  no more and here I move on to pictures and explanations. The idea was to surprise in a pleasant and unique way the birthday boy, and it was so. It is true that this cake has flaws, but in fact,  who doesn’t? A tree can grow crooked, and an animal is more pleasing to the eye than the other, but then again, what really counts is the inside… (a phrase that makes me peat most of the times).

We need:

5 sponges
approximately 400 grams of baking chocolate
about 1 liter of liquid cream
a box of 450 grams of fruit yogurt, preferably with a slightly sour flavor
a package of butter
fruits for the inside
and for decoration, about 500 grams of marzipan or fondant
2 envelopes gelatin

It begins the day before, when he put about 500 ml of whipped cream to heated up to the boiling point and we ass in it the baking chocolate in pieces. The recipe I found said to add equal quantities of cream and chocolate, but I recommend a slightly smaller quantity of chocolate, say 500 ml of whipped cream using 400 or even 350 grams of chocolate. Stir well to melt the chocolate and you will get a thick cream that is left to cool and then refrigerated until the next day when beaten as any normal cream.

When you decided to finally make the cake, prepare the other half of the cream and beat it then mix it with the fruit flavor yogurt and the 2 envelopes of gelatin prepared as per the instructions on the package. Continue the work with the sponges, which are cut in round shapes with various forms of increasingly smaller size up to when you have some circles.
Then take the circles and arrange them to be overlapped. After that we start pouring the cream. For example, pour the white cream over  the cocoa sponge  and the cream ganache over the white sponge. Place all  4 layers of sponge .

Then dress the cake with mixer beaten butter,  as icing  and leave it in the refrigerator.  In the meantime, the assembly of the little car on the top of the cake, which is optional, but I had to make it as this was my design. I made from the 5th sponge with cream inside and also shape it like a car with the great help of my dear husband.
After that, the real madness begins because you have to dress the cake in marzipan or fondant. I used  for the wheel  the same marzipan as for the Ladybug cake and for the car some  homemade sugar paste using the same recipe as Mrs Viorica Dinu, a native master on creating cakes.

Enjoy my cakes!


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