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Crema de zahar ars / Romanian style Crème brulee

Dragilor, cine n-a mancat crema de zahar ars, n-a copilarit in Romania, sau mai bine zis n-a avut rude pe aici, parinti sau alte neamuri. E un desert atat de cunoscut incat nu stiu pe cineva care sa nu fi mancat pana acum minunata crema delicata si dulce. Pregateam zilele trecute un tort mare si intre timp am zis ca n-ar fi rau sa fac un desert rapid si pt mine si sotul meu, si atunci am vazut in frigider putin lapte dulce si idee a venit de la sine.

Pt minunata crema avem nevoie de:

  • 4 oua proaspete
  • 500 ml lapte dulce
  • 12 linguri de zahar
  • si o esenta acolo pt putin parfum

Se incepe prin a bate ouale intregi.


Peste ele adaugam jumatate din cantitatea de zahar si laptele si le batem bine sa se omogenizeze


Le lasam putin la odihna si incepem partea mai interesanta. Restul de zahar se pune intr-o craticioara nu foarte mare, cam de 2 l capacitate si se topeste pe foc. Focul la aragaz trebuie sa fie potrivit, nu mare si se amesteca in continuu cu o lingura de lemn pana se transforma intr-o dulceata asemanatoare cu mierea. Dupa ce s-a topit tot zaharul, se ia cratita si se invarte cu ambele maini astfel incat sa tapetam peretii cu zaharul lichid.


Dupa aceasta turnam zeama de oua si lapte peste zahar si bagam la cuptor. Veti vedea ca eu n-am pus cratita in cuptor la bagne marie am asezat-o direct pe gratar in cuptor, la un foc potrivit.


Se va coace in aproximativ 15 – 20 de minute , va dati seama de aceasta incercand cu o scobitoare din lemn


Se lasa la racit si apoi la frigider cateva ore si se serveste dupa bunul plac.

Eu am folosit la decor zmeura si mure si cateva castane coapte


Pofta mare!

English version:

My darlings you surely didn’t grew up in Romania you never ate Crème brulee, or rather did not have any relatives here, parents or other relatives. It’s a dessert so popular that I don’t know anyone who hasn’t eaten yet the beautifully delicate and silky sweet cream. I was preparing a large cake a few days ago and in the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to make a quick dessert and for me and my husband, and then I saw some sweet milk in the fridge and the idea came naturally.

For this Crème brulee we need:

4 fresh eggs
500 ml fresh milk
12 tablespoons of sugar
Essentially there for a little perfume

It starts by beating the eggs. Then add half of the sugar and the milk over the eggs and beat them to blend.
Then you start with the most interesting part. Put the remaining sugar in a saucepan,not very large, about 2 liters capacity and put it over the stove to melt the sugar. The fire on the stove must be medium, not too big and you need to stir continuously with a wooden spoon until it becomes similar to honey. After all the sugar has melted, take the pan and spin it with both hands so that liquid sugar will form walls all over the pan.
After that pour the juice out of the milk and eggs. You will see that I did not put the pan in the oven at Bagne Marie,  I  just placed it directly on the grill in the oven at a moderate heat.

It will cook in about 15 to 20 minutes, you realize that when trying the consistency with a wooden toothpick.
Allow it to cool and then refrigerate it for several hours and serve it as you like.I used some raspberries and blackberries for decoration and some roasted chestnuts.



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