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Cum coacem castanele / How to roast chestnuts

Nu va ganditi ca am dat in boala prostului si de la torturi traznite nu mai stiu nici macar sa coc niste castane. Ei bine nici eu nu stiam un truc mic atunci cand te decizi sa coci in casa castane comestibile cumparate de la magazin. Am aflat tot de pe net, de la altcineva la fel de inspirat si m-am gandit si eu sa impartasesc aceeasi tactica celor care au placere sa citeasca aventurile mele in bucatarie.

Cand vrem sa coacem in casa castanele, trebuie sa le crestam cu un cutit pe o parte cat sa facem o taietura mica, acest lucru le va ajuta sa se coaca bine si uniform, dar si mai rapid


Dupa ce ne-am nenorocit mainile testandu-ne forta intr-un mod cat mai putin inspirat, caci va spun, usor nu este, le punem in tava cu hartie de copt si le bagam la cuptor


Ca si timp de coacere nu stiu exact sa va zic cat dureaza ca nici eu nu m-am uitat la ceas. In fond toata chestia asta cu coptul tine si de simt, si aici ma refer la miros. Daca stati linistiti la televizor sau va uita sfantu pe net navigand, si subit va vine un miros placut de mancare proaspata, mergeti la bucatarie si verificati cuptorul, nu va bazati ca vecina gateste des. Asa am facut si eu, dupa miros m-am dus la bucatarie si le-am scos calde si vesle din cuptor.


Se vor desprinde usor de coaja, cu celasi cutit cu care le-ati chinuit mai devreme si vor avea un gust placut de nuca coapta.


Eu le-am servit in mod inspirat, zic eu, cu crema de zahar ars si cateva fructe de padure.

Divin, nu altceva!

English version:

Don’t you think now that I have the stupidity illness and I don’t know even how to roast some chestnuts. Well I didn’t know a little trick you should remember when you decide to roast at home the edible chestnuts bought from the store. I learned everything about this also from the internet from someone else as inspired as I was and I thought to share the same tactics with those who like to read my adventures in the kitchen.

When you want to roast the chestnuts, you have to make a notch with a knife on one side, it will help them to ripen well and evenly, but more quickly as well. After we test our force in the less uninspiring way possible, as you need to know,  this aint easy, put them in the pan with parchment paper and stuff them in the oven, preheated.
As baking time, to tell you honestly, I don’t know exactly how long it takes, as I don’t I look at the clock all the time when I bake. All this baking thing is a problem of senses, and here I refer to the smelling one. If you sit quietly to watch TV or surfing the net and forget about the world, and suddenly it  pops a pleasant smell of fresh cooked or baked food, go to the kitchen and check the oven, don’t rely on your often cooking neighbor. So I did the same, and by the smell I went into the kitchen and pulled out of the oven the warm and merry roasted chestnuts.
They will peel off easily with the same knife you have struggled them earlier on and the taste will be similar to ripe nuts.

I’ve served them in an inspired way, I think, with the burned sugar flan and some berries.

Absolutely divine I say!


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