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Ciorba de perisoare / Meatballs sour soup

Dragilor, bine v-am regasit pe 2013! La multi ani! Sa stiti ca n-am tras chiulul, dar mi-am luat cu nerusinare o vacanta prelungita de sarbatori, ca asa se cade pt un om care a muncit un an de zile, chiar daca nu numai pe blog sau in bucatarie. Iertare pt neglijenta, sper sa-mi spal pacatele cu manacaruri deosebite,  mai simple si mai complicate, care sa placa ochiului dar mai ales stomacului domniilor voastre.

Am zis sa incep acest an minunat de mirosuri imbietoare cu o zeama. Romanului ii place zeama, supa sau ciorba, ce-o fi. Si cum de sarbatori cu totii am abuzat de mancarurile grele la stomac, dar imbietoare pt simtul olfactiv, caci bucatele noastre de Craciun si Anul Nou contin carne multa, am zis ca o ciorba de perisoare e ideea cea mai buna. Tot carne contine, dar mai putina, cat sa faca trecerea mai placuta, insa e suficient de acra si te redreseaza imediat. In afara de asta sotului meu ii place la nebunie si m-a laudat soacrei ca sunt cea mai talentata ciorbareasa, deci cum sa ratez eu momentul si sa nu ma laud?

Asdar, avem nevoie de:

  • cam 300 gr carne tocata
  • o mana de orez, circa 100 gr
  • condimente de tot felul: cimbru, piper, sare si delicat
  • 2 cepe mari
  • ardei rosu
  • 2 morcovi
  • si 3 cartofi mai potriviti
  • zeama acra de la varza murata sau bors
  • leustean pt aroma si putin ulei

Se incepe prin a pregati carnea de perisoare, o amestecam cu putin orez si condimente. Uneori se mai pune si un ou in ea dar e optional. Dupa ce e gata carnea taiem legumele, si mai intai punem la fiert ardeiul si morcovul taiate cubulete


Cand legumele dau semn ca se fierb, luam cu mana carne, cate putina, si facem niste mingiute sau gogonele de marimea unei nuci


Dupa cateva minute de fiert legumele, adaugam peste ele gogonelele de carne si restul legumelor


Cand sunt fierte punem de final putin orez, tot cam 150 gr, in functie de marimea oalei in care facem ciorba. Adaugam si putin ulei, cam 4 linguri, sa fiarba impreuna, completam apoi cu sos de rosii si zeama acra si lasam sa se fiarba.

Cand e totul gata asezonam cu delicat si alte condimente pe placul consumatorului, oprim focul si punem leusteanul taiat marunt.

Pofta mare!


English version:

My dears, very nice to see you in 2013! Happy New Year! I need you to know a skipped some days from the usual schedule because I shamelessly took an extended vacation for these holidays, as one who worked hard for a year would, even if not only on the blog or in the kitchen. Forgiveness I beg for my negligence, hoping to wash my sins with special dishes, simple and more complicated to please the eye but especially your “inner” selves.

I said to start this year with a wonderful sour soup. We Romanians like soups and borsch, whichever of the two. Because during the holidays season we abused by eating heavy foods, very inviting for the sense of smell, as our traditional meals contain lots of meat for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners, I said a meatball sour soup is the best idea. Still it has meat in it but less, enough to make the transition more pleasant, but it is sufficiently sour and you will immediately recover your state of mind. Besides my husband loves it and he told my mother in-law I am the most talented cook when it comes to sour and sweet soups, so I ask you now, could I miss the moment to brag a little?

We need:

about 300 gr minced meat
a handful of rice, about 100 gr
spices of all kinds: thyme, pepper, salt
2 large onions
red pepper
3 potatoes suited in size
2 carrots
juice from sauerkraut or borsch
lovage for flavor

It begins by preparing the meat patties, mix it with a little rice and spices. Sometimes we put also an egg in it but it’s optional. After the meat is ready cut the vegetables, and first of all put to boil the diced peppers and carrots.
When the vegetables are showing signs that are boiled, take the meat and make the meatballs, the size of a walnut.
When cooked add in another handful of rice, all about 150 grams, depending on the size of the pot we have. Add some oil, about 4 tablespoons, to boil together, fill with tomato sauce and sour soup and let it boil well.

When it’s all ready season it with delicate spices and other consumer liking seasoning, stop the fire on the stove and add over it the chopped lovage.



9 thoughts on “Ciorba de perisoare / Meatballs sour soup

      • He sounds like me. I’m a bors huge fan. I’ve always used bors in Romania and in Canada. Thanks God I can buy it here from some Romanian delicatessen shops.

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