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Rulada cu citrice / Citrus roulade

Pt ca Romania este situata in zona temperat continentala a Europei, pt noi citricele sunt un rasfat pe timp de iarna cand vara rasfata meleagurile celeilalte emisfere. De Craciun am fost nevoita sa inventez un desert si pt tatal meu care trebuie sa isi tina sub atenta supraveghere nivelul glucidelor din sange. Cum printre fructele recomandate sunt si citricele, am cautat prin casa posibile ingrediente si am facut o rulada cu multe fructe si branza dulce.

Pt aceasta avem nevoie de:

  • citrice:  portocale, mandarine sau mere si tot felul de alte fructe cum ar fi kiwi
  • aproximativ 400 gr de branza dulce
  • aproximativ 150 gr de smantana
  • foi de placinta gata preparate
  • 2 oua
  • pt cei care nu sunt la regim, 5 linguri de zahar


Dupa ce am taiat cubulete fructele, amestecam restul de ingrediente intr-un vas:


Intindem foile de placinta si peste ele punem amestecul de lactate si oua. Apoi asezam fructele taiate si rulam:


Rulam cu atentie si asezam rulada intr-o tava speciala unsa in prealabil cu putin ulei.


Dupa ce s-a copt, se lasa la racit in cuptor. Se serveste rece.


Pofta mare!

English version:

Because Romania is located in the temperate continental side of  Europe, citrus fruits are a delight for us only during the winter when other lands are spoiled by the summer. This Christmas I had to invent a dessert for my father who needs to keep under close watch the blood sugars level. As among other fruits the citrus fruits are also recommended, I searched around the house possible ingredients and I made a roulade with fruits and cream cheese.

For this we need:

citrus: oranges, mandarins or apples and all sorts of other fruits like kiwi
about 400 grams of cheese
approximately 150 grams of cream
Prepared pie sheet
2 eggs
for those not on a diet, 5 tablespoons sugar
After you have diced all fruits, mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl. Lay the stretched sheets and add over them the cheese pie mixture. Then place the fruits cut previously. Carefully roll it and put it in a special tray greased with some oil before. After you have baked it, for about half an hour or more, let it cool in the oven. Serve cold.



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