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Langues de Chat

Cine nu adora fursecurile delicate si dulci cu gust puternic de unt? Nu sunt fursecurile copilariei mele insa imi plac atat de mult incat nu puteam sa nu le fac si eu. Ma tot foiesc de 4 zile sa le fac dar am fost ocupata si obosita de la serviciu si am tot amanat. Apoi mi-a parut rau ca nu le-am facut mai devreme ca sunt foarte usor de facut si rapide. Aseara sotul meu dadea tarcoale bucatariei, si din viteza a luat cu mana un fursec. Este genul de om care mananca rar dulciuri si doar atunci cand merge in vizita, spre disperarea mea ca nu vrea si acasa sa deguste mai des. Aseara insa s-a oprit in loc si a venit special sa ma felicite si sa spuna ca nu stie ce am facut dar alea sunt cele mai bune fursecuri pe care le-a mancat in viata lui, si ca nu conteaza ce am pus in ele, dar trebuie sa mai fac.

Pt ingrediente nu avem nevoie de mare lucru:

  • 120 gr de unt, lasat la temperatura camerei
  • 2 albusuri de ou, tot la temperatura camerei
  • 5 linguri de zahar
  • 120-130 gr de faina

Pt ca sunt innebunita dupa arome eu am pus si putina esenta de migdale. E putin mai tare dar suficienta cat sa le dea o aroma subtila si delicata, putin exotica.

Amestecam untul cu zararul si il pisam putin cu o furculita. Apoi il frecam la mixer 2 minute. Separat batem albusurile cu un varf de cutit de sare pana devin o spuma care nu cade din vas. Apoi punem albusurile peste untul batut si le omogenizam amestecand cu o lingura.


In continuare amestecam si faina in ploaie pana devine o crema densa, asemanatoare cremei ganache. Luam tava si asezam pe ea hartie de copt. Apoi luam o punga obisnuita din bucatarie si o taiem la un colt, dar facem o taietura mica, cat sa treaca prin ea doar o boaba de mazare. Tinem punga cu crema in mana, si turnam la distanta de 5-7 cm betigase de crema


Aveti grija ca distanta sa fie ceva mai mare decat pare in poza mea. In cuptorul preincalzit si lasat la foc mic, untul din compozitie se va incalzi si fursecurile se vor aplatiza. Se vor coace foarte repede, in maxim 7 minute sunt gata. Va trebui sa stati pe langa cuptor pt ca riscati sa le ardeti. Imediat ce marginile incep sa capete o culoare aurie e semn ca sunt coapte. Se scot usor cu o furculita. Initial vor fi calde si maleabile insa nu trebuie asezate una peste alta caci se vor lipi imediat ce se racesc.

Se servesc reci, cu sau fara zahar farin  presarat peste ele. Pofta mare!


English version:

Who doesn’t love cookies soft and sweet with a strong taste of butter? These cookies aren’t the sweets of my childhood but I like them so much that I couldn’t bake them myself. I keep circling my kitchen for 4 days trying to bake them but I was busy and tired from work and I kept putting it off. Then I felt sorry that I didn’t tried them earlier because they are easily done and fast. Last night my husband gave a turn to the kitchen, and grabbed one fast on his way out. He’s the kind of guy who rarely eats sweets and only when going to visit to my increasing dismay he doesn’t want to taste at home more often. But this time he just stopped in the middle of the room and came to me specially to congratulate me and said that he doesn’t know what I have added in them but those are the best cookies he ever ate in his life, and that no matter what I put in them, I should repeat the same process more often.

For ingredients we do not need much:

120 gr of butter, left at room temperature
2 egg whites, all at room temperature
5 tablespoons of sugar
120-130 grams of flour

I’m crazy for flavor, so I added a little almond extract. It’s not much but enough to give them a subtle and delicate flavor, slightly exotic. Mix the butter and the sugar with a fork to blend. Then take the mixer and blend for 2 more minutes at lowest speed. Separately beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they become a foam that doesn’t falls of the bowl. Then pour the beaten egg whites over the butter and mix them.
Next add the flour in the rain until it will be creamy dense, like cream ganache. Place the baking paper in the tray. Then take a regular plastic bag from the kitchen and cut one corner, but make a small cut, enough to have pass through it only a pea. Keep in one hand the bag filled with 3 tablespoons of cream, and pour at 5 to 7 cm distance the cream like some chopsticks.
Make sure that the distance is bigger than it looks in my picture. In the preheated oven with smallest fire level, the heat will melt the butter and the cookies composition will flatten. The will bake very quickly, within 7 minutes are over. You will have to sit next to the oven because otherwise you risk burning them. As soon as the edges begin to get a golden color it’s a sign that they are ready. Remove gently with a fork. Initially they will be warm and pliable but don’t place them one over the other because it will stick once cooled down.

Serve cold, with or without confectioners sugar sprinkled over them. Enjoy my langues de chat cookies!


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