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Paste la cuptor, cu carne / Pasta and sausages

Este deja un fapt ca pastele sunt marca inregistrata a natiunii italiene, dar ma intreb cati dintre voi stiu ca de fapt ele isi au originea acum cateva mii de ani cand Imperiul Persan inca mai stapanea majoritatea teritoriilor din Asia Mijlocie de azi. La mine in familie pastele erau intotdeauna o mancare de rezerva, si inca mai sunt. Nu gatesc paste special pt placerea de a le consuma ci doar atunci cand alta alternativa de moment nu am gasit. Asa se face ca in general pastele le consumam in forma cat mai simpla, fierte si cu diferite sosuri sau cu branza. Am incercat de curand sa vad daca pot inventa o reteta de paste la cuptor, un fel de anti-lasagna, cu ca nu mi-ar placea lasagna la nebunie, dar neavand toate ingredientele am zis sa incerc ceva asemanator.

Asa ca am luat:

  • un pachet de pene de 300 gr
  • 500 gr carnati
  • 2 cepe
  • sos de tomate cu legume
  • 200 gr branza
  • sare, piper si alte condimente

Am inceput prin a taia cubulete carnatii si ceapa.


Apoi am pus pastele la fiert in apa deja clocotinda cu sare. Dupa ce s-au fiert le-am scurs de apa si le-am racit putin sub jetul de apa. Separat am calit carnatii si i-am taiat mai mici.


Apoi am pus ceapa la calit si am adaugat sosul de tomate si legumele, dupa care le-am amestecat pe toate, le-am asezat in vasul yena si am ras peste ele branza. Le-am tinut la cuptor 45 de minute si iata rezultatul:


Pofta mare!

English version:

It is already a fact that pasta is a registered trademark of the Italian nation, but I wonder how many of you actually know that they originated thousands of years ago when the Persian Empire still ruled the most territories of today’s Central Asia. In my family pasta  was always a last minute dish, and still are. I don’t cook pasta for  a special reason but only for eating something easy for dinner.That is why in general we eat pasta in a  simple way, cooked with different sauces or just with cheese. I wanted to see if I could invent a recipe for baked pasta, a kind of anti-lasagna, not that I don’t love lasagna, but I didn’t had the ingredients and so I tried something similar.

So I took:

* A package of pene pasta of 300 gr
* 500 gr sausages
* 2 onions
* Tomato sauce with vegetables
* 200 gr cheese
* Salt, pepper and other spices

I started by cutting the sausage in smaller pieces and diced the onions. Then I put the pasta in boiling salted water to cook. After they were cooked I drained the water and cooled them down under cold water. Separately I cut the fried sausages in even smaller pieces. Then I fried the onions and added the tomato sauce and vegetables, then I mixed it all, put them all in my Yena tray and sprinkled the cheese over. I kept them in the preheated oven for 45 minutes and this is the result. Enjoy my anti-lasagna recipe!


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