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Cornulete cu osanza / Granny’s pork fat croissants

Cati dintre cititorii acestui blog nu isi aduc aminte de cornuletele cu untura ale bunicii? Putini cred, si dintre acestia cu siguranta doar cei care nu au copilarit aici. Bunicile noastre, in Romania, ne rasfata cum pot ele mai mult. Preparatele lor nu sunt demne de concursuri culinare insa pot castiga o competitie cu orice preparat al unui chef bucatar de renume. Dintre dulciurile facute de bunica, e greu sa alegi care sa fie preferatul caci toate au un ingredient secret, dragostea. Aceasta reteta simpla este recomandata in sezonul rece insa principalul ingredient poate fi inlocuit cu altfel de gras.

Pt aluat avem nevoie de:

  • 200 gr osanza de porc, alba
  • 200 gr smantana
  • 2 oua
  • 200 gr zahar
  • Esenta de lamaie
  • 700 gr faina

Pt umplutura:

  • Nuci macinate amestecate cu gem
  • Sau rahat taiat marunt


Se amesteca untura cu zaharul si ouale ca sa se omogenizeze bine. Apoi adaugam smantana si faina pana rezulta un aluat tare. Se lasa la frigider minim 4 ore.


Se ia apoi si se intinde pe masa intr-un strat subtire de un sfert de centimetru grosime.

Se taie in patratele cu diametrul de 10-15 cm si in mijlocul lor se pune umplutura. Eu am ales acum sa pun nuci amestecate cu gem de cirese. Se ruleaza si se pun la copt.


Se servesc si reci si calde cu zahar farin peste ele. Pofta mare!

English version:

How many readers of this blog don’t remember our grandmother’s pork lard croissants? Few, I believe, and certainly only those of you who didn’t grew up here. Our grandmothers, here in Romania, spoil us the most they can. Their dishes are worthy of culinary competitions and can beat any preparation of a known chef even if you wouldn’t think they can. Among the sweets made ​​by my grandmother, it’s hard to choose which one to be the favorite because they all have a secret ingredient, love. This simple recipe is recommended in the cold season but the main ingredient can be replaced by other fat.
For the dough we need:

  • 200 g pork fat, white it must be
  • 200 gr of cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 gr sugar
  • Essence of Lemon
  • 700 gr flour

For stuffing:

  • Ground nuts mixed with jam
  • Or shit chopped

Mix the cream with the sugar and eggs to blend well. Then add the cream and flour until the dough looks is good to be molded. Keep it in the refrigerator at least 4 hours. Then spread it on a thin layer of a quarter inch thick. Cut it into squares with a diameter of 10-15 cm and put the stuffing in their middle. I choose this time the blended cherry jam and nuts. Then roll it and put it in the over to bake at a medium heat.
Serve hot or cold with confectioners sugar over them.



4 thoughts on “Cornulete cu osanza / Granny’s pork fat croissants

  1. I love these cornuleti. The best ever. Nobody in Canada understood how can you make sweets with pork fat, but after they tasted the product,………they liked it. A lot

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