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Episodul I – cum ia viata o tomata / Episode I – a tomato comes to life

din seria ” aventurile doamnei Tomata”

Multi dintre cititori stiu deja ca am copilarit alaturi de bunica din partea tatalui, intr-un sat mic, romanesc, intr-o vreme cand incalzirea globala nu era un topic de notorietate, intr-o vreme cand vara era vara si iarna era iarna, intr-o vreme cand vacanta insemna timp liber pt stat afara toata ziua si de facut nazbatii cu ceilalti copii de aceeasi varsta. Tot atunci, in copilarie am vazut ca legumele nu vin in pungi de la magazin si ca laptele se mulge de la vacuta vecinei si ca are o culoare usor galbuie. Am vazut ca ciupercile ies in pamant umed, dupa ploi indelungate si ca fragii cresc in tufisuri pline de maracini pe unde trec serpi sau pe unde vine ursul, ca si lui ii plac fructele de padure la fel de mult ca si noua. Am descoperit pe pielea mea ca o julitura in genunchi poate tine cateva zile si ca praful de pe strada are gust de pamant. Am vazut ca animalele nu miros a balsam de par ci au miros puternic si specific de iarba, excremente dar si de viata. Am vazut ca viata nu e asa usoara dar in acelasi timp, nimic nu se compara cu o zi insorita de sambata cand te trezesti in creierii diminetii si pleci in plimbare in padurea din spatele casei, cu tatal, bunica si Tarzan, catelul, ca sa aduci ciuperci si lemne pt gatit mancare. Cele mai frumoase amintiri sunt cele simple, legate de natura, cand fugeam prin gradinile vecinilor ca sa ajungem la garla si sa ne balacim toata ziua.

Iata ce am facut eu. Am luat cateva seminte de rosii pastrate de mama de anul trecut, si le-am pus cam acum o luna in ghivece. Le-am lasat la caldura si soare in casa si le-am udat cam la 3 zile, cat sa aiba sursa de viata.


Ieri, caci era deja momentul, le-am udat cu multa apa si le-am scos fir cu fir si le-am repicat in paharele de plastic umplute cu pamant negru, ca sa poata sa se dezvolte singurele. Asa cum facem noi oamenii cand plecam prima oara de acasa pe distante mai mari cu provocari mai mari, sa zicem la liceu.


Urmeaza apoi o perioada de semi maturitate, ceva mai mult de adolescenta, si la final mica mea serie sentimentala de aventuri se va incheia cu retete gatite din aceste rosii.


Va astept cu drag la un serial mai putin obisnuit si plin de incarcaturi emotionale, sper eu si de o mica lectie de viata.

English version:

from the series ” Mrs. Tomato adventures”

Many of my readers already know that I grew up with my father’s mom in a small Romanian village, at a time when global warming was not a well-known topic, in a time when summer was summer and winter was winter, at a time when holiday was the time off to spend outside all day and do stupid things with other children of the same age. At that time, I saw as a child that vegetables do not come in bags from the store and the milk is milked from my neighbor’s cow and has a slightly yellowish color, because of the natural fat. I saw that mushrooms grow in wet ground after days of rain. The berries grow in a full of brambles bushes where snakes go round or where the bear stops by, as he likes berries as much as we do. I discovered that a knee graze heals in few days and the dust in the street tastes like dirt, like earth. I saw that animals do not smell like hair conditioner but they have a strong odor and a specific smell of grass, or excrement, but that’s natural. I saw that life is not so easy but at the same time, nothing compares to a sunny Saturday morning when you wake up very early and you go on a walk in the forest just behind the house, with your father, grandmother and Tarzan, the family dog, to bring home mushrooms and wood for cooking them. The best memories are the simple ones related to nature, when we were running through the gardens of our neighbors to reach the small rushed river and to wallow there all day long.

Here’s what I did. I got some tomato seeds kept by my mother since last year and put them in pots about a month ago. I left the warmth and sunshine in the house to cuddle them and I watered them every 3 days, to give them a source of life.
Yesterday, as it was already time, I watered with plenty of water and I gently pulled them out one by one and I transplanted them individually in plastic cups filled with black dirt so they could grow. As we humans do when we go away from home for first time, over longer distances with greater challenges, say to high school.
Then it follows a period of semi maturity, a little more than a teenager, and finally my little adventure series will end with recipes cooked with these very same tomatoes.
You’re welcomed to witness a show full of unusual and emotional stories, and I hope a little life lesson.


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