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Desert din paste / Pasta for dessert

In copilarie fiecare Paste si Craciun era moment de referinta intr-un an. Cu sinceritate va marturisesc faptul ca si acum e cam la fel. O vorba romaneasca mai veche spune ca iti aduci aminte de un lucru din Paste in Craciun sau ca faci ceva cu aceeasi frecventa. Aceste doua sarbatori mari de peste an sunt momente de reflectie in viata unui om. Fara sa vrei te opresti putin din ritmul alert si reflectezi la perioada trecuta de la ultima sarbatoare importanta si te gandesti cu emotie la momentul viitoarei sarbatori. Eu una, om simplu va zic, asa fac. Trasez in gand drumuri parcurse si pe care le voi parcurge si imi incarc bateriile… golindu-mi mintea de griji si sufletul de temeri. Oamenii mai puternici sau mai determinati tin si post, se abtin de la abuzuri fizice si spirituale si se curata in mintea si trupul lor pregatindu-se pt viitoare aventuri.

Pt ei, in semn de respect postez azi pe blog cel mai simplu desert pe care l-am facut pana acum.

Ingredientele sunt urmatoarele:

  • Paste, de orice fel
  • Putin zahar
  • Nuci macinate
  • Fructe

Procedeul este cat se poate de simplu. Fierbem pastele si le racim sub jetul de apa rece.


Intre timp luam cu seriozitate masina de macinat nuci si trecem la treaba, in fond putina transpiratie in bucatarie ne da mai multe satisfactii (dupa dus) cand servim mancarea.


Odata ce pastele sunt fierte si racite, le amestecam cu nucile macinate, putin zahar, dupa gust si fructe taiate cuburi sau felii si gata desertul.


Pofta mare si post usor!

English version:

When I was a child every Easter and Christmas was a milestone each year. I sincerely confess that now is about the same. An old Romanian’s saying tells us that you remember to do something from Easter to Christmas, as in rarely. These two major celebrations throughout the year are times of reflection in a one’s life. Without thinking much you stop a bit from the alert pace and reflect on the period that passed since the last major celebration and think with emotion to the upcoming time before the next holidays. I, for one, am a simple person I say, and I do so. I plan journeys in my mind towards new destinations and I fill my inner batteries by emptying my mind of worries and my soul from fears. Stronger people or those enough determined and keep the advent, abstaining from physical and spiritual abuse and clean their mind and body preparing for their next adventure lighter.
For them, in reverence, I post today the easiest dessert I’ve ever done.
The ingredients are:

  • Pasta of any kind
  • some sugar
  • ground nuts
  • fruits

The process is quite simple. Boil the pasta and cool them under running cold water. Meanwhile take the nut grinder and get to work, in fact a little sweat in the kitchen gives us more satisfaction (after the shower) when serving the food. Once the pasta is cooked and cooled, mix it with the nuts, some sugar for your taste and some diced or slice fruits ​​and ready it is your dessert.



6 thoughts on “Desert din paste / Pasta for dessert

  1. Hi, first thank you for visiting my blog, you have a very interesting blog especially for me who I was born in Ploiesti. I leave in Sydney and my parents left Romania when I was 10, but still some of your recipes reminds me of my grandma. This one actually reminded me of Mucenici, I am not sure if it is done the same, but I loved it as a kid. I will keep popping to see your creation.

    • Hi Irene,
      I am so glad we have the roots in the same area, and I am glad I found you blog and you took the time to visit mine 🙂
      My childhood was amazing so I thought to share it 🙂
      salutari cu drag , Oana

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