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Episodul II – tomata face scoala vietii / Episode II – the tomato goes to school

Cu asteptarea de rigoare va prezint episodul al doilea din seria deschisa de mine Aventurile Doamnei Tomata. Pe 4 mai, in sambata dinaintea Pastelui de anul acesta am plantat in gradina parintilor mei rosiile insamantate cu mare drag in martie. Pamantul este usor nisipos si le permite legumelor sa isi faca radacini in voie. In prealabil parintii mei au pregatit lotul de pamant facand santuri pe care le-am udat si unde am plantat firele de rosii.

ep2 B

Asteptarea citiorilor este indreptatita pt ca dragii mei, legumele cresc in timp, si ajung la maturitate dupa multa munca si daruire. Asa cum va spuneam in primul episod ca se intampla si cu un om. Rosiile se uda in fiecare seara dupa ce apune soarele, in primele 7 zile dupa care se uda la o diferenta de 2 sau 3 zile in functie si de umiditatea din sol si aer.

ep2 C

Trebuie lasata in plin soare ca sa fie managaite de razele acestuia si pt ca mai tarziu, in plina vara sa ne faca un cadou minunat, frumoasele fructe mult adorate cu gust usor acrisor.

Promit sa revin cu episodul trei unde vom povesti si vom vedea ce au mai facut frumoasele mele rosii de gradina.

ep2 A

Pana atunci, in semn de iertaciune va prezint cateva poze din gradina minunata a parintilor.

ep2 D

English version:

I hope your expectations will be fully satisfied with the present post as this is the second episode of the series Mrs. Tomato Adventures I launched a while ago. On May 4th, the Saturday before this year Orthodox Easter I planted in my parents’ garden the tomatoes I seeded with great love in March. The soil here is slightly sandy and this the reason why it easily allows vegetables roots to freely develop. Previously my planting activity my parents prepared the soil by doing special tranches of the land so that the tomatoes will have access to water.
The waiting time has entitled my readers to get more from my beloved vegetables, but my dears they grow and reach maturity after hard work and dedication. As I said in the first episode of these series they grow as a man does, in time. Tomatoes are watered every night after the sun sets, the first 7 days daily and then at a 2 days or 3 days difference depending on the soil and air moisture. They have to be left in full sun as its rays to gently kiss the plants and for that, later in the summer, to give us the great gift they can offer, the beautiful fruits with sour taste which I adore.
I promise to come back with episode three where I will tell you more of what they have done in the meantime.

Until then, as a sign of forgiveness I now give you some pictures of the beautiful garden my parents take care of daily.


6 thoughts on “Episodul II – tomata face scoala vietii / Episode II – the tomato goes to school

    • Tocmai pt cei care au pastrat vie amintirea acestor gradini, am pus aceste poze 🙂 si voi mai veni si alte poze, pe parcurs ce gradina se transforma intr-o minunata piata de legume adevarate
      salutari in Canada, Oana

  1. Tomatoes were the first country-grown ‘vegetables’ (or fruit) which I ate in Romania (Zamostea village, jud Suceava) – summer 1993 – followed by peppers (ardei gras), carrots and visine and later bureti (wild ‘mushrooms’). Probably why I stayed over 11 years! Thanks for the 2015 invitation and the friendship ‘promise’. Lofty, the camper, has just had major reconstructive surgery so hopefully he’ll make it to Prahova in 2015!

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