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Tort pt nasi / Cake for the godparents

Exista un moment in viata fiecarui om cand ia o decizie foarte importanta. La mine si sotul meu a fost un timp scurt, invers proportional cu importanta deciziei. In 3 saptamani eram casatoriti fara sa visam macar ca s-ar putea intampla. Desi imprejurarile ne-au condus catre o schimbare radicala a statutului social, de la iubiti la sot si sotie, decizia a fost luata cu cea mai mare siguranta si sinceritate. A fost ca si cand ai in fata ta ceea ce ti-ai dorit dintotdeauna dar n-ai avut curajul sa il iei si era atunci ori niciodata, si asa ne-am casatorit. In cea mai friguroasa zi a lunii februarie in 2012, intr-o iarna cu cele mai joase temperaturi inregistrate pt acea luna, si cu zapada de 1 metru, am zis da in fata primarului si am semnat actele.

Nunta religioasa trebuia si ea sa vina, ca procesul sa fie complet. Asa ca intr-o buna zi am zis: la anu’ facem nunta! Hotarat! Si sotul meu n-a obiectat… Ma asteptam la o “lupta” serioasa macar de data aceasta insa totul a venit natural, ca la casatoria civila. Si uite asa am pornit in cautare de nasi. Aici decizia a fost foarte greu de luat insa si de aceasta data intelepciunea feminina intruchipata de mine a avut ultimul cuvant si iata-ne porniti pe un drum frumos si furtunos. La romani e traditie sa mergi la nasi oficial, cu un cadou si sa le ceri sa iti fie parinti spirituali. Nasii nostri sunt mai tineri ca noi dar casatoriti sunt de 5 ani, cam de cand dateaza si relatia noastra si am zis sa alegem si cu inima si cu mintea. Noi zicem ca alegerea e una buna si iata-ma in fata dumneavostra, cititori dragi cu tortul dus nasilor la prima noastra intalnire in calitate de fini si nasi nu doar de prieteni.


Coincidenta sau nu, de data asta tortul a iesit asa cum am vrut eu si tare mandra mi-s de realizarea mea.


A fost facut din blat simplu de vanilie, crema mousse cu aroma de mango si cu primele mele incercari de flori din fondant.


Sper sa va placa.

English version:

There is a moment in everyone’s life when a very important decision has to be taken. Me and my husband had a very short time, inversely proportional to the importance of the decision, when the moment came to get married. In three weeks we were married without even dreaming that it might happen. Although circumstances have led us to a radical change in the social status, from lovers to husband and wife, the decision was made with the highest level of emotional safety and honesty. It was as if you had  in your face something you’ve always wanted but never had the courage to take it and it was then or never, so we got married. In the coldest day of February 2012, in a month with the lowest temperatures registered for that time, with the snow 3 feet high, we signed the papers in front of the mayor.

The religious ceremony had to come as well, so the process would be complete. So one day I said to my husband “next year we’ll have the big party wedding!” It’s decided! And my husband didn’t object … I was expecting a “fight” this time but it all came naturally as the civil marriage. And so I started looking for the godparents. This decision was very difficult to take but this time the “ultimate feminine wisdom” embodied by myself had the last word, again, and here we start our lives on a nice road but pretty bumpy, getting ready for the big day.

The wedding in Romania is a long chain of traditions and events and so we needed to make an official visit to our future godparents bringing a gift and “asking” them to be your spiritual parents. They are younger than us but they are married for 5 years, about the same time we started dating officially and so we said to choose with the heart and mind as well so we chose them. So here I am in front of you , my dears with the cake I baked for my godparents for our first official meeting in the new roles, not just as friends.
Coincidence or not, this time the cake came out perfect, just as I wanted and I am very proud of my achievement.

I made it put of vanilla sponge, mango cream mousse and my first fondant flowers attempts.

I hope you like it 🙂


30 thoughts on “Tort pt nasi / Cake for the godparents

  1. Hello Oana. Catching up on my blog reading, including your tomato III, after some absence (a little shorter than yours), I found I had missed this one altogether. It was great to find it as we (ie, Petronela and I) celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary last Friday when, would you believe, I wore the shirt our Godparents (also younger than me) bought me for our wedding. We can beat your 3 weeks … we moved from ‘no chance’ to married in 3 days (on a visit to the UK) but, like you, a civil ceremony was by no means sufficient so we had a real, wonderful Romanian (though smaller), wedding three months later in biserica Sf Nicolae Domnesc in Iasi. I must do a post about it all sometime soon, but anyway before or on 29 October, when we’ll have our second (and bigger) anniversary celebration of the year.

      • Hi there,
        So nice to hear from you again! “La multi ani” for the wedding celebration, many year ahead 🙂 I see you have 2 celebrations like us but that’s ok, love deserves to be celebrated daily 😛
        Tell me your Romanian name, so I can call you by it (if it’s ok with you, of course)
        salutari cu drag, Oana 🙂

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