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Festivalul Legumelor / Veggies Festival

Festivalul Legumelor se doreste a fi un sir de retete din legume culese din gradina. Daca nu aveti posibilitatea sa le cultivate voi acasa, nu-I problema, la piata veti gasi aceeasi multitudine de legume vesele si frumoase. Aveti grija insa sa alegeti legume cat mai natural cultivate, cu ingrasaminte naturale, coapte in voie, dupa legile naturii la mijloc de vara. Grabirea procesului natural de maturare a unei legume altereza gustul acesteia si schimba si gustul mancarii. Faceti toate eforturile posibile sa va rasfatati copiii, sotii, parintii si pe toti cei dragi cu retete usoare de vara. Acest sezon minunat ne daruieste mici cutii de comori in forma de legume si fructe si ar fi o lipsa de respect din partea noastra sa nu profitam de ele.


Asadar dragii mei cititori faceti rabat o vara intr-o viata si gatiti cat mai multe retete cu legume si fructe. Veti avea o doza de fericire in farfurie care se va vedea in tonus, in cheful de viata si in activitatile zilnice. E testat de mine, in fiecare zi mananc cel putin un fel de legume sau fruct si simt ca natura a facut pt mine toate aceste minunatii. Fie ca le folositi in salate sau feluri de mancare mai speciale, profitati de legumele verii si apoi ale toamnei pt a va incarca bateriile cu tinerete si sanatate. Este un indemn sincer si un sfat usor de urmat pe care vi-l dau pt ca beneficiile se vor vedea repede in corpul si mintea voastra. Veti fii la fel de veseli ca aceste fructe viu colorate si veti fii tonici ca fibrele lor naturale.


English version:

Veggies Festival aims to gather a number of recipes from vegetables picked from the garden. If you can cultivate them in your back yard, then you are blesses, if not, no problem, at the market you will find many joyful and beautiful vegetables. Be careful though that you choose more natural vegetables grown with natural fertilizers; ripen at their will, by the laws of nature in the middle of summer. Speeding up the natural process of maturation changes the natural vegetables taste. Make every effort to spoil your children, spouses, parents and all your loved ones with light summer recipes. This season gives us wonderful little treasure in the form of vegetables and fruits and it would be a lack of respect from our part not to take advantage of them.

So my dear readers let’s make this summer a rebate in a lifetime and cook as many recipes with vegetables and fruits as we can. You will have a dose of happiness in your plate which will be seen in your daily activities, your mood and your spirit. It’s a fact as tested on myself that every day eating a veggie or fruit I feel healthier and richer inside and outside. Whether you use them in salads or more complicated dishes, take advantage of the summer and autumn vegetables to refill your batteries with youth and health. It is a free and frank advice easy to be followed which I give to you as the benefits will be seen quickly in your body and mind. You will be as happy as these fruits so brightly colored and tonic as their natural fibers.


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