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Briose cu surprize / Surprise cupcakes

Am promis ca in fiecare luna a anului va delectez cu un tortulet. In aceasta luna a fost si ziua de nastere a dragului  meu sot. Schimbare prefixului este un moment important in viata omului ca trebuie sa mai astepti 10 ani ca sa il traiesti si de cele mai multe ori nu este tocmai motiv de fericire maxima caci realizezi cum trece vremea.

Sotul meu este dintre acele personae care nu se da in vant dupa dulciuri asa ca am deviat putin de la cursul lucrurilor aceasta luna si in loc de tort am facut o serie de briose cu surprize pt colegii sai de serviciu.


Reteta este aceeasi pe care vi-am prezentat-o déjà in iarna. De data aceasta insa am pus o mica surpriza alcoolica in continut adaugand visine din visinata si crema din belsug.


Din prea mult exces de zel gustul a fost schimbat de bicarbonatul din reteta asa ca am decis sa salvez momentul insiropandu-le si peste crema am adaugat un strat serios de zahar pudra.


Pofta mare!

English version:

I promised that every month of this year I will enjoy you sight with a cake. This month was the birthday of my dear husband. He changed the prefix (of his age) which is an important moment in one’s life for which we have to wait 10 years to live it and it often is not a very happy moment  because you realize how time passes.

My husband is one of those people who are not that crazy about eating sweets so I deviated a little from my promise and this month instead of creating a beautiful  cake I baked a series of surprises muffins for his work colleagues.
The recipe is the same that I have presented to you already back in winter. But this time I had a little surprise adding alcohol cherries in the content and cream in abundance. A I got overzealous the taste has changed because of the baking powder so I decided to save them and I added over a sweet syrup and a heavy coat of cream over which I layered powdered sugar.



4 thoughts on “Briose cu surprize / Surprise cupcakes

  1. Hope your husband and his work colleagues enjoyed the muffins and also that he had a wonderful birthday, that what really matters. Thanks for sharing!

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