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Copanele cu legume la cuptor / Chicken legs and veggies

Sunt bine, n-am patit nimic. Aparatul meu foto, defunctul, a fost gasit vinovat pt lipsa mea indelungata dar intre noi fie vorba au fost si alti factori care au dus la aceasta pauza. E octombrie deja, sfarsit de octombrie. Daca toamna se numara bobocii la alti oameni, la noi se numara gainile mature, ca sa nu jignim doamnele ouatoare, ca sa le trimitem la Sfantul Petre, intru spovedanie. Dupa ce se intorc de acolo ele pica direct in oalele mele si ale parintilor mei, sau prin tava de la cuptor, depinde daca si-au luat permisul de zbor sau nu. Lasand gluma la o parte iata cea mai simpla reteta de mancat ceva bun si sanatos  intr-o seara de toamna, si nu, nu vorbim de dovleci si alte ciuperci.

Se iau 2 bucati copane de la gaina, ca doar 2 are.

Se mai iau si vreo 3 cartofi potriviti, o ceapa, un ardei ratacit prin frigider, si 4 catei de usturoi.

p c 1

Se fierb copanele de pui pana sunt gata, si nu aruncam zeama ca o mai folosim la altceva.

Se pun copanele in tava yena, si peste ele adaugam legumele curatate si spalate, punem sare si 2 linguri de bulion de rosii din gradina. Eu daca am pus rosii in gradina am acum si bullion, bila alba pt mine. Dupa aceasta se acopera minunatia cu zeama in care au fiert copanelele si se baga la cuptor.

Mai verificati din 15 in 15 minute situatia de la caldura sa nu dati foc la bucatarie. Cand tava e arsa pe margine, nu mai e urma de zeama in tava si copanele s-au maronit de suparare e semn ca puteti opri focul si masa e gata.

p c 2

Puneti  portia pe farfurie, aruncati niste verdeata si piper proaspat rasnit si faceti o poza s-o vad si eu ca altfel nu va cred.

p c 3

Pofta mare!

 English version:

I’m fine, I ‘m fine. My camera, the deceased one, was found guilty for my long absence but between you and me there were other factors that led to the break. October is already at the end and if other people are counting their crop me and my parents count the mature chickens from their backyard to send them to St. Peter, for a confession. After returning from there they fall directly into my pots and my parents’ plates, or in the trays to put in the oven, depending on if they have got a license to fly or not.

Leaving the joke aside here is the simplest recipe to eat something good and healthy in an autumn evening, and no, not talking about pumpkins or any other mushrooms people cook this time of the year.
Take 2 pieces of chicken legs, as they only got 2.
Then take about 3 medium potatoes, an onion, a pepper that was wandering in the fridge, and 4 cloves of garlic.
Boil the chicken legs until they are done, and don’t through away the juice as we will use it for something else. If you have chicken legs from the supermarket you can skip this step.
Place the chicken legs in a pan and add the vegetables over them washed and diced, put some salt and 2 tablespoons of tomato juice or paste. I grew tomatoes in the garden so now I can use the paste for my cooking, lucky me. After that we cover the wonderful mix from the pan with the juice from the boiled legs or plain water and we put it in the oven.
Check every 15 minutes the situation in the oven not to burn the kitchen down. When the pan is burnt on edge, there’s no drop of water in the pan and the chicken legs are brown already it’s a sign that you can turn off the oven as the food is ready.
Place the dish on your plate, throw some fresh herbs and fresh grounded pepper and then take a picture for me to see it otherwise I won’t believe you.



5 thoughts on “Copanele cu legume la cuptor / Chicken legs and veggies

  1. Amintiri, your sense of humor is divine. (literally, it seems). This looks like a tasty dish. I do wonder if the meat is dry, or does it stay nice and moist, since you are essentially recooking the chicken with the vegetables, after having boiled it. Also, it wasn’t clear to me if you boil the chicken legs separately, then add the potatoes, garlic, and pepper when it goes into the oven; or if you add the potatoes, etc to the boiling pot, then bake the whole thing.
    Ah, fresh tomato paste, nothing like sauces made of fresh tomatoes grown at home!
    I will be trying this dish–has the look of autumn.

    • Hi Suzette!
      Thank you for the comment. The fact is that these chicken legs come from a 2 year old chicken, my parents have at home chicks and because it was too old, I had to boil the legs first otherwise they wouldn’t have been cooked. If you use chicken legs from the supermarket you can put then into the tray in the same time with the veggies. These were a little dry but those from the store will be moist and tasty. It’s important to cover the meat and the vegetables with water as first they will boil in the oven and then get a nice crust, once the water is gone.
      PS: my real name is Oana, and Amintiri din Bucatarie means Memories from the Kitchen.
      Best regards :-*

      • Oh, my goodness! I can see very clearly in the title what the English translation is. . . I’m not sure what I was doing! Best to you, Oana (pretty name)!

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