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Chec aperitiv / Apetizer cake

Si iata ca a inceput si 2014. De putine ori in viata mi s-a intamplat sa imi placa un an. Dintr-un motiv greu de explicat 1993 , 2010 si acum 2014 mi-au placut inca din primele zile. M-am simtit confortabil sa traiesc acesti ani si mi-au lasat un gust dulce pe papilele gustative ale amintirilor.

Si acum sa incep acest an cu o reteta noua, ca asa ii sta bine unui om caruia ii place sa gateasca. Va prezint dragii mei un chec aperitiv. La rugamintile mamei, o pofticioasa cu experienta, am pus la cale 2 tavi mai mici de cozonac in care sa coc acest chec. Prea tanara mea experienta in bucatarie a fost suficienta sa gatesc ceva delicat si foarte bun la gust.

Avem nevoie de urmatoarele:

  • Cam 5 oua. Ideea este ca eu am pregatit in aceeasi seara si un tort tiramisu, si sotul meu a facut si o salata cu maioneza si am pus pt aceste doua checuri 7 oua intregi si 5 albusuri. Asadar ca recomand sa folositi cu incredere 5 oua potrivite, sau 6 daca sunt micute.
  • 6 linguri iaurt simplu
  • 6 felii muschi file
  • 3 felii pastrama afumata
  • 1 ardei rosu
  • 100 gr masline fara samburi
  • 3 felii de branza uscata, pe care am ras-o
  • 15 linguri faina
  • 2 plicuri praf de copt
  • piper
  • marar verde

 Sare nu am pus pt ca mezelurile si branza erau cam sarate si daca mai puneam si sare nu am fi putut sa mancam. Ma repet si va reamintesc faptul ca eu am facut 2 checuri, deci puteti injumatati cantitatile pt unul singur, de proba.

 Procedeul este foarte simplu de urmat. Incepeti prin a taia marunt mezelurile si ardeiul. Eu am luat maslinele gata taiate ca sa nu imi tai degetele pregatindu-le si pe acestea.

Am batut la mixer ouale ca pentru blatul de tort. Pana s-au transformat intr-o spuma voluminoasa. Apoi am adaugat lingurile de iaurt si am amestecat bine.

chec aperitiv 2

Dupa aceea am pus peste tot ce am tocat marunt, mezelul, ardeiul, am ras si branza, si maslinele si am amestecat bine.

La final am pus si faina si am amestecat sa fie totul omogen. Are constienta unei paste groase cu o mie de minuni in ea de texturi si marimi diferite.

chec aperitiv 3

Apoi am pus hartie de copt in tavi si am turnat in mod egal compozitia peste.

Temperatura de copt e asemantoare oricarei prajituri, foc mediu in cazul meu, la gaze.

Timpul de copt trece de 40 minute. Va trebui sa incercati mereu cu o scobitoare daca s-a copt compozitia. Eu de exemplu am scos mai devreme una din tavi ca se copsese déjà sip e a doua am mai lasat-o 7 minute.

chec aperitiv1

Rezultatul merita toti banii, asa ca nu ezitati sa incercati, sau sa mai faceti o data reteta daca nu va este straina.

 Pofta mare!

chec aperitiv 4

 English version:

And thus begins 2014. Few times in my life happened that I liked a year. For some reason hard to explain 1993, 2010 and now in 2014 are my favorite years from the early days . I felt and feel comfortable to live these years and they have left a sweet taste on the taste buds of my memories .
Now to start this year I present you a new recipe because this is what someone who likes to cook does for a new year. I present you my dears the appetizer cake recipe. At the request of my mother, an experienced longing in our family, we planned to bake two smaller trays with this cake. My too young kitchen experience was enough to cook something delicate and very tasty.
We need the following :

  •  About 5 eggs. The idea is that I have prepared in the same evening a tiramisu cake, and my husband did a salad with mayonnaise and I put 7 whole eggs and the 5 egg whites which remained from the other recipes. So I recommend you to use with confidence 5 medium eggs , or 6 if they are tiny for these two cakes.
  • 6 tablespoons of yogurt
  • 6 slices bacon
  • 3 slices smoked ham
  • 4 slices of another type of salami or sausages you have in the fridge
  • 1 red pepper
  • 100g pitted olives
  • 3 slices (150 grams) of cheese or parmesan
  • 15 tablespoons flour
  • 2 sachets of baking powder
  • Pepper
  • fresh dill

I did not added salt because the meat and cheese were a bit salty and if I had added salt we couldn’t eat it. I remind you that I made two cakes , so you can halve the quantities for one.

The baking process is very simple to follow . Start by finely cut all the sausages and peppers and bacon, just dice them all. I bought chopped olives not to cut my fingers at home.
I then beat the eggs as for any ordinary cake until they turned into a voluminous foam. Then I added the yogurt and I mixed well .
Then I added everything I chopped , I grated the cheese and then threw the olives and mixed well with a spoon.
Finally I  added the flour and I mixed it to be smooth. It looked like a thick paste with a thousand wonders in it, of different textures and sizes. Pretty nice, I tell you.
Then I laid some baking paper in my trays and poured evenly the composition .
The baking temperature is the same as for any other cookies you bake, medium.
The baking time might pass 40 minutes. You should always check with a toothpick if the composition is baked . I for example took out of the oven one of the trays that was already baked and left the second one seven minutes more.
The result is worth all the money, so do not hesitate to try , or bale it again of the recipe is not foreign to your kitchen.



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