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Branza cu mamaliguta si ou / Cheese, polenta and egg – Romanian sheperd dish

Toate familiile, ca sunt de 2, 3 membrii sau 1 milion de persoane, si aici ma refer la o comunitate, sau o natiune, are o istorie in bucatarie. Cand vine vorba de transpunerea unei retete regionale in farfuriile unei familii, e minunat cum ingrediente dispar sau apar si arome se combina in cele mai ciudate feluri.

Cam asa este si cu acest fel de mancare, pe care il gateam relativ des cu parintii sau bunicii in copilarie. Sunt sigura ca nu-i roman care sa nu fi incercat pana acum o mamaliguta calda cu branza, ou fiert, branza si unt.

mamaliga cu branza 3

Imi aduce aminte de copilarie si mirosul mamaligii calde care topeste oul fiert, untul si branza, imi ruleaza un film alb negru cu zambete si barfe de familie de acum 2 decenii.

Putina melancolie, nu strica la inceput de an, nu-i asa?

Pentru 2 portii avem nevoie de urmatoarele:

  • 2 cani de malai pt mamaliguta
  • 500 – 600 ml apa
  • 2 oua
  • 150 gr branza
  • 50 gr unt
  • 5 linguri de smantana sau iaurt gras

 Punem la fiert mamaliguta. Intre timp fierbem ouale dar sa nu fie tari, medii sa zic, dupa ce incep sa fiarba lelasam 4 minute. Cand e gata mamaliguta, luam cu lingura si punem in farfurie peste branza.

mamaliga cu branza 1

Peste ea punem oul curatat, branza, smantana si untul. Daca e nevoie si de sare, punem si sare si amestecam cu lingura dar sa nu se omogenizeze perfect.

mamaliguta cu branza 2

Se mananca atunci cat e calda. E buna si o tarie inainte, asa ca sa mai taie din greata untului si a oului.

O puteti servi seara la cina, sau intr-o dimineata tarzie cand nu ati servit altceva decat cafeluta de la trezire. Mare atentie insa, sa aveti un membru al familiei cu voi, sa va tina companie la o mica barfa.

Pofta mare!

 English version:

 All families that have 2 , 3 members or even 1 million members, and here I am referring to a community, or a nation  have a history in the kitchen. When it comes to the implementation of a regional recipe into the plates of one family, it’s great how ingredients disappear or appear and flavors combine in the strangest ways.

So it is with this dish , which I was cooking it relatively often with my parents or grandparents in childhood. I ‘m sure there are few Romanians who haven’t tried yet this dish, a hot polenta with cheese, boiled egg, cheese and butter.
It reminds me of my childhood and the smell of hot polenta that melts the egg and cheese, it runs a black and white film with smiles and family gossips in my mind, a movie we “shot” two decades ago.
A little melancholy, does not hurt at the beginning of the year, or does it?
For 2 servings we need the following :

2 cups cornmeal for the polenta
500-600 ml of water
2 eggs
150 gr cheese
50 g butter
5 tablespoons of sour cream or Greek yogurt

You make the polenta. Meanwhile boil the eggs but not hard, let’s say medium. When the polenta is read , take few spoon and put it in a bowl. Over it we add the egg , cheese, and butter and the sour cream. If necessary add salt then mix with a spoon but not to perfect homogenize the mix.
Then eat it while it’s still hot . It’s good to taste some strong drink before, like some Romanian whiskey, if you have or a shot of vodka so you feel less nausea from the butter and egg. This is one of the many traditional dishes prepared by Romanian sheperds.
You can enjoy it at dinner or in a late morning when you have not served something else than the waking up coffee. Attention , make sure you have a family member with you to keep you company for a little gossip while eating.



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