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Negresa cu nuci pisate / Crushed walnuts brownies

Pe toate drumurile ne intalnim cu minunata si delicioasa negresa. Este o prajiturica usor de facut si absolute delicioasa care te salveaza din necaz atunci cand ai de pregatit ceva bun. Reteta de azi este imprumutata de pe internet insa o sa revin si cu alta reteta dintr-o carte veche de bucate de indata ce sapaturile arheologice din casa mea o vor scoate la lumina.

Las vorba si va prezint o negresa presarata cu nuca pisata, aromata, crocanta si pufoasa in acelasi timp.

negresa 3

Avem nevoie de:

  • 150 gr unt
  • 300 gr zahar
  • Un strop de sare
  • 3 oua
  • 300 ml smantana dulce
  • 350 ml lapte
  • 400 gr faina
  • 1 plic praf de copt
  • 4 linguri de cacao
  • 150 gr miez de nuca pisati
  • Coaja de lamiae sau esenta ca sa aiba si parfum

Untul il lasam la temperature camerei si cand devine moale il amestecam la mixer cu zaharul. Apoi adagam ouale si mai mixam putin. Adaugam si esenta si praful de sare, apoi imediat laptele si smantana dulce si iar mixam.

negresa 1

Separat amestecam faina cu praful de copt si cacaoa. Cand s-a omogenizat compozitia de lichide incepem sa turnam si amestecul de prafuri si omogenizam bine.

negresa 2

In tava mea de 30/35 cm am presarat putina faina dupa ce am masat-o cu un strop de ulei dar daca aveti foaie de copt e si mai buna sa puneti compozitia peste ea. Inainte de a o baga la cuptor presarati nucile pisate peste ea.

Cuptorul sa fie incalzit putin si gabati la copt. In 30 -40 min se coace, o sa va dati seama dupa miros, daca nu sunteti siguri, incercati cu o scobitoare.

Pofta mare!


English version:

Every corner you turn, you meet the wonderful and delicious brownie . It is an easy cake to make and absolutely delicious and it saves you from the trouble when you have to prepare something good for desert. Today’s recipe is borrowed from the internet but I’ll come back with another recipe from an old Romanian recipe book once the archeological site in my house will bring it back to light.

I leave the chattering aside and I now present you my crushed walnuts sprinkled brownies, flavored and crispy and fluffy, all at the same time .
We need:

  • 150 g butter
  • 300 grams sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 300 ml sweet cream
  • 350 ml milk
  • 400 g flour
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 4 tablespoons of cocoa
  • 150 gr crushed walnuts
  • Lemon zest or essence to perfume our cookie

Leave the butter at room temperature until it gets soft and them mix it with sugar . Then add in the mixing the eggs. Add the essence and the pinch of salt , then the milk and cream and continue mixing. Separately add together the flour with the baking powder and cocoa. When the liquid composition is homogenized pour over the powder mixture and blend well.

In my tray of 30/35 cm I sprinkled some flour after I had massaged it with a bit of oil but if you have baking sheet it’s much better to put the composition on it. Before putting the tray in the oven add the crushed walnuts over the mix.

Have the oven heated and leave the heat to be medium then put the tray in it. In about 30 -40 minutes it will bake, you’ll figure that out by the smell but if you are not sure, try it with a toothpick.



14 thoughts on “Negresa cu nuci pisate / Crushed walnuts brownies

  1. Walnuts are my by far my favorite add-in for brownies… I love the idea of sprinkling them on top as opposed to folding them into the batter! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my recent post!

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