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despre mine, despre viata, despre toate, dar mai ales despre bucatareala… mancaruri, dulciuri, retete mai simple si mai complicate ca pentru fiecare

“unde te duci? la tecuci! ce sa faci? cozonaci! ” cam asa imi aduc eu aminte de legaturile mele cu experienta gatitului, de la bunica draga care m-a crescut. pe atunci nu stiam de tecuci, dar stiam de cozonacii minunati pe care ii facea ea, “ajutata” de mine; de budinca aromata de ciocolata facuta intr-un tuciulet negru amarat; de biscuitii de casa si cornulete cu nuca si rahat pe care le faceam de revelion impreuna. de tecuci am aflat mai tarziu de la o prietena draga si viata m-a facut sa ma intorc mereu acolo, cu mare drag, la prieteni dar mai ales la locul drag sotului meu, care a copilarit acolo.

despre bucatarie nu stiu sa zic multe. sunt la inceput acum dar admir incaperea asta ca pe un mic templu din care ies minuni aromatice. o sa incerc sa va prezint retete incercate si gustate de subsemnata dar si de altii din prajma, si daca va place ceva in mod deosebit sau vreti sa facem schimb de idei, sunt deschisa oricarei discutii.



English version:

this blog is about me, about life, about everything you can think of but mainly about cooking and baking; simple recipes and complicated ones, Romanian traditional and international food stories

it is translated to “memories from the kitchen” because it is a paraphrase to a very known and loved Romanian kids story book about childhood and children, something like Mark Twain’s  Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, a book called “Memories from Childhood”.  I choose this title as my childhood was beautiful and full of stories worth to tell but also because the book reminds everyone of the happiest time of their lives, the time when they were kids, and it also reminds one of the traditional cooking culture of Romanian people.

I don’t know much of cooking art or international recipes but I am at the start of a long road which I intend to make the most beautiful, along with my readers. I consider kitchen a smaller temple where miracles happen because food has the power of bringing people together.

I hope you will all like or love my stories and in case you have comments or suggestions, feel free to ask


110 thoughts on “Despre mine / About

  1. Bun venit in blogosfea, Oana!
    E foarte frumos ca-ti place in bucatarie si mai vrei sa impartasesti si altora experientele din “templul” tau.
    Iti doresc din suflet, ca in timp sa poti scrie aici minunate amintiri traite de tine si cei dragi tie in bucataria pe care am vazut ca o iubesti!

  2. Buna Gela,
    Si multumesc inca o data pt cuvintele frumoase si incurajari. Am ajuns in viata sa respect orice meserie, incercand si eu cate putin din multele care exista. Bucataria e un loc minunat, pe care il respect si care are puterea de a apropia oameni, de a-i uni, de a le insenina o zi mai putin placuta. Oricat de obosita as veni acasa de la munca, daca intru si gatesc ceva seara se transforma automat.
    Te pup si abia astept sa simt experientele “blogosferice” ! :-*

    • Hi Sandra,
      Thank you as well for visiting and following me. I hope your Romanian background will like to see these recipes, and I am also looking forward to exchange recipes with you.
      Regards, Oana

  3. Hello!!Thank you so much for visiting and liking on my blog – Tiramisu Cake.Really appreciate it.Loved all of your recipes especially cakes.Will surely try them.Looking forward to learn from you.

  4. You are absolutely right about our childhood memories revolving around food. Being Italian, it was always about food! Thanks for visiting!! You have a beautiful blog!

  5. Hi Oana,

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my posts. It’s amazing how you manage to keep your blog bilingual. Will keep coming by for inspiration!


  6. I never managed to read ‘Amintiri din copilarie’ completely, some of the dialect Romanian was just too difficult for me, but what I did manage to absorb was beautiful, brought to mind immediately when I saw the title of your blog. I write about Romania and things Romanian from time to time, so I’m really going to enjoy following your lovely blog. Grumpytyke – aka Dimitrie.

    • Hi again 🙂
      The same book brings into my mind feeling you mentioned. It is the very reason why I started the blog and named it like I did. It influenced my childhood and I find myself in those stories. I wish I had at least a tenth part of the author’s talent. 🙂
      I live in Bucharest but I wish to live in the country side. I spent my childhood in a house like that and it got stuck to my heart. Thank you again for the visit and thoughts and you shall be hearing from me, from time to time. 🙂
      Cu drag, Oana

  7. Your blog is beautiful Oana! Glad to find that you have some English sections, as I was initially taking a look around and dispairing that I wasn’t going to be able to read your lovely recipes. Looking forward to learning and sharing together as fellow foodie sisters. Thanks for visiting me so that I could find your lovely blog space xx

  8. Hi Oana, thanks for popping into my blog and liking my post. Are you planning a wedding at all? if so,
    I do hope my blog helps. Your recipes look fabulous, so I’ll certainly be returning the favour 🙂

  9. Ma bucur sa te cunosc si ca mi-ai vizitat blogul meu inca “bebelus” :). N-am timp acum sa explorez mai mult aici dar voi reveni. Nu stiu de unde se acceseaza follow ca sa ma anunte cand postezi…. Descopar eu… 🙂

  10. Hi Oana, thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. Your dual language posts are very inspiring to me as I have been toying with that idea. Happy baking/cooking!
    Best regards, Berenice 🙂

  11. Hello,
    Thank you for stopping by our blog and liking the post “Cupcakes make a birthday good”. Your Minnie Mouse cake is adorable! My favorite is Wonder Woman!! Have a wonderful day! 😀

  12. Bună! Mulțumesc pentru vizita. Mă bucur că am găsit blogul dumneavoastră! Aveți o rețetă bună pentru sarmale? 🙂

  13. Oana, Thank you for stopping in my kitchen today and peeking Through the Oven Window. I hope you enjoyed it. I am enjoying taking a peek at your blog as well. Christine

  14. What a great blog you have. I love that you have both Romanian and English translations. Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to more of your posts 🙂

  15. Hi Oana:) I’m rather excited to visit your blog as I’ve never visited a Romanian blog before. I love seeing the different foods that people make around the world. It’s inspiring and reminds me that there are so many foods to try. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. Regards, Jade.

  16. Thank you for visiting & liking my post on Valentine’s Day cookies! I absolutely love the site & can’t wait to see more of your posts. I’m looking forward to trying some Romanian recipes…Especially the sweets!

  17. Hi Oana, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m going to look around your blog now. I am glad you include English translations, because I can understand only a slight bit of Romanian.

  18. Hi Oana. I’m wondering if all is OK with you as you don’t seem to have posted on your wonderful blog since May. I was not on my blog either for a long time, mainly due to a major health problem, but looked for you when I ‘came back’ very recently. I’m not sure whether you are picking up ‘comments’ so I have tried to send you an email. Best wishes, ‘Dimitrie’.

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