Buna ziua, m-am intors! / Hello, I’m back!

Dragilor, nici nu pot exprima in cuvinte ce dor mi-a fost de voi! Si cei care ma cititi si ma stiti personal dar si de voi, straini hoinarind pe internet si care intr-un moment sau altul s-au lovit de cateva cuvinte scrise de mine. Am avut nevoie de o pauza dar nu am planificat sa fie chiar asa de lunga. Faptul ca unii dintre voi mi-ati scris intrebandu-ma daca sunt bine mi-a umplut inima de fericire, ca cineva se gandeste la mine. Pot doar sa va spun ca sunt bine si usor usor ma intorc in blogosfera sa impartasesc cu voi putin din mine cum o fac de vreo 2 ani.

Iata ce s-a mai petrecut in aceasta lunga pauza. In luna mai cand am pus ultimul articol am aflat si cea mai frumoasa veste din viata mea. Pentru prima data in viata mea am aflat ca voi fi mamica. Bucuria si avalansa de sentimente poate fi inteleasa doar de cei care sunt la randul lor parinti. Atat eu cat si sotul meu dar si parintii nostri si prietenii apropiati suntem toti foarte fericiti. Vom avea un baietel, un copil pe care ni l-am dorit mult si de care vorbim cu drag de mai bine de 4 ani.

Bebe a fost cu noi si la alt eveniment important, la nunta noastra. A fost bebe cuminte si a ascultat de mami nu a provocat greturi si neplaceri fizice, a stat cuminte in burtica pt ca noi sa ne bucuram de fiecare clipa.


Mi-am promis ca imi voi face singura tortul de nunta si asa am facut. Am muncit cateva ore bune la el. A fost cu 3 etaje.


Fiecare etaj a avut blat de vanilie si crema Chantilly dar si blat de bezea cu nuca si mousse de ciocolata cu visine. Un deliciu. Am dovezi ca l-am facut eu cu mana mea, ajutata si de sot.


Din cauza presiunii timpului decorul nu a fost unul fantastic, clar se putea mai bine, dar m-am scos la gust pt ca a primit aprecieri de la toata lumea si mai mult de atat nu imi puteam dori.


Intre timp a trecut toata vara si toamna. Noi suntem bine, bebe este bine. Il asteptam sa se nasca in ianuarie anul viitor, asta daca nu e mai grabit si poate vine chiar cu Mos Craciun.

Cam atat despre pauza asta lunga. Zilele ce vor urma o sa pun si cateva retete facute de mine in acesta vara si toamna.

Va imbratisez cu drag si ma bucur enorm sa fiu iar printre voi, ceva mai activa.

English version

My dears, I cannot express in words how much I missed you! I missed you all those who read me and know me personally but I also missed those wandering strangers on the internet that at some moment or another have been introduced with something written by me. I needed a break but I didn’t planned to be quite so long. The fact that some of you have written to me asking me if I am well filled my heart with joy, someone thinks of me. I can only tell you that I am good and I plan to get back in the blogosphere to share with you a little part of me as I have been doing for almost 2 years.

Here’s what has happened in this long break. In May, when I posted the last article I found out the most beautiful news of my life. For the first time in my life I will become a mommy. The joy and the avalanche of feelings can be understood only by those of you who are themselves parents. Both myself and my husband but also our parents and our close friends are all very happy. We are going to have a baby boy, a child we wished for and of whom we’ve been talking for over 4 years.
The baby was with us at other important event in our lives which took place in June, our wedding. He was quiet and listened to Mommy and did not cause me nausea and physical discomfort, he stood still in my womb for us to enjoy every moment.

I promised myself that I would bake my wedding cake and so I did. I worked a few hours but it worth it. It had 3 tiers. Each tier had a vanilla sponge with Chantilly cream, meringue crust with walnuts and chocolate mousse with cherries; a true delight. I have the proof that I did it myself with my husband’s help of course. Due to the time pressure it didn’t had fantastic decorating details, clearly it could have been better, but the taste was awesome so that I received congrats from all of those who ate it and that was more than that I could have asked for.

Meanwhile, during this summer and fall we’ve been good; the baby is fine, growing. We are waiting for him to be born sometime in January next year that is if he won’t rush and comes with Santa.
So much about my long break. The days to come I will post some recipes I made this summer and fall.
I hug you all with love and I am so happy to be back among you, I hope more active.


Liebster Award – April 2014 –

Cu putine detalii vin azi in fata voastra cu dorinta de a impartasi un premiu de blog pe care l-am primit de curand. Am fost foarte placut impresionata de aceasta surpriza si ma bucur ca prin regulile acestui premiu il pot da mai departe. Alegerea blogurilor pe care le nominalizez eu a fost total intamplatoare si aleatorie dintre toti acei care isi fact imp sa mai citeasca ce scriu sis a incerce poate, ce gatesc. Va imbratisez cu drag, si sa dati premiul mai departe!

L-am primit de la: http://fallenforfood.wordpress.com/


Raspunsurile la intrebarile celei care mi-a dat premiul :

1 . Ai o porecla ?
Porecla mea este KMP ( vine de la Oana Campioana : P )

2 . Ce te-a facut sa iti creezi un blog?
Am inceput blogging-ul , ca o cura de vindecare in urma unei mici pierderi dar si pentru a vedea daca sunt suficient de buna pentru a tine un blog, si ma bucur ca am luat aceasta decizie .

3 . Daca azi ar fi ultima ta zi , care sunt cele trei feluri de mancare pe care le-ar gati, manca, cumpara?
Ciocolată , ciocolată , ciocolată și poate niște … ciocolată

4 . Ce iti gateste mama de ziua ta?
Ceva dulce, cum ar fi o prajitura sau clătite sau „ceva bun”.

5. ( Doar pentru ca acesta este intotdeauna printre primele intrebari pe care le pun oamenilor ): Ai un animal de companie ?
Da ! Iubesc caini … dar si alte animale

6 . Blog culinar sau cartea de bucate ?
Ambele . Cartile de bucate tind sa fie plictisitoare, dar sunt mult mai precise, in opinia mea.

7 . Ce te face sa admiri o persoana?
Daca rade, daca ii place viata, si se bucura de a tot ce face.

8 . Exista un fel de mancare pe care il urasti, desi nu l-ai gustat niciodata?
Da, gandaci, greieri si alte creaturi similare.

9 . Spune despre tine trei adjective negative care te descriu cel mai bine .
Impulsiva, uneopri lenesa , imatura (imi place sa fiu un copil )

10. Doar pentru ca eu sunt interesata; ce carte e preferata ta?
” Papesa Ioana ” (si ” Eat, Pray, Love ” )


Iata si intrebarile mele pentru cei pe care i-am nominalizat:

1. Ce alte interese/ pasiuni ai in afara de gatit?
2. Care este primul lucru pe care le-ai gatit sau copt?
3. Daca ai putea lua cina chiar acum cu cineva mort sau viu, care ar fi acea persoana?
4. Care este micul dejun preferat?
5. Care era cea mai frumoasa vacanta pe care ai avu-o vreodata si de ce?
6. Cum ai ales numele pentru blog-ului?
7. De ce anume esti cel mai mandru/mandra?
8. Ai vreun talent ascuns?
9. Care este lucrul care iti place cel mai mult la tine?
10. Blog culinar sau carte de bucate?

Acest premiu trebui onorat cu urmatoare reguli:
1. Un link catre persoana care te-a nominalizat
2. Raspunsurile la intrebarile de la acea persoana
3. Nominalizarea altor bloguri
4. Enuntarea a 10 intrebari noi pt cei nominalizati
5. Sa ii anuntati pe cei nominalizati



Here I come before you today with the desire to share a blog award that I received recently. I was very impressed by this surprise and I’m glad the rules of this award ask me to give it away to others. Choosing the nominees was totally accidental and random from all those who take some time on reading what I write and maybe to try what I cook. Love, kisses and hugs, don’t forget to give away this lovely award!

From where I received it:


The answers to the questions I’ve been asked:


1. Do you have a nickname?

My nickname is KMP (stands for champ :P)

2. What is it that made you blog?

I started blogging so I could heal from a loss and to see whether I am good enough to blog, and I am glad I took this decision.

3. If today was your last day, what are the three dishes that you would cook, eat, buy or order?

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and maybe some… chocolate

4. What is the dish your mum has always cooked/baked for your birthday?

Something sweet, like a cake, cookie, crepes and others similar

5. (Just because this one’s always among the first questions I tend to ask people): Do you have a pet?

Yes! I absolutely love dogs… and other animals

6. Food blog or cookbook?

Both. Cookbooks tend to be boring but they are more accurate, in my opinion

7. What is it that makes you admire a person?

If they laugh, if they love, if they live and enjoy doing it

8. Is there any kind of food that you hate although you’ve never actually tasted it?

Bugs, crickets and other similar creatures

9. Give me the three best and worst adjectives that best describe you.

Impulsive, lazy-ish, immature (I like being a child)

10. Just because I’m interested: what’s your favorite book?

”Pope Joan” (and “Eat, pray, love”)


My nominees:











My questions for the people I nominated:

  1. What is/are your other interest/s aside from cooking and baking?
  2. What is the first thing you’ve cooked and baked?
  3. If you could have dinner right now with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
  4. What is your favorite breakfast?
  5. What was your best ever holiday and why?
  6. How did you choose the name for your blog?
  7. What are you most proud of?
  8. Do you have any hidden/not so hidden talents?
  9. What is the thing you like best about yourself?
  10. Food blog or cookbook?


The award’s rules:

1. Link to the person who nominated you
2. Answer their questions
3. Nominate new blogs for the award
4. Ask them 10 new questions
5. Let the nominees know they have been nominated

Daruri, premii, d’ale bloggaritului / Gifts, awards, blogging stuff

Dragii mei,

Luna decembrie exista in an asa cum inghetata exista vara, asa cum frisca exista pe tort sau asa cum noi toti credem in visele noastre. A fost creata special pentru a trage linie si a reflecta asupra anului care se incheie, dar a fost creata si pt a darui. Sa daruim celor dragi sau celor pe care ii apreciem un gand frumos, un cadou sau poate doar un zambet impachetat intr-o imbratisare.

Cel mai de pret cadou este iubirea. Si eu vreau sa va daruiesc voua, tuturor celor care imi cititi gandurile un strop de iubire. Pt unii dintre voi mai am ceva, un cadou mai tangibil, un cadou pe care il am si eu de la alti oameni speciali, caci asa e frumos, sa dam mai departe, si dar din dar, vom face rai.

Iata si cadourile!

Best Moment Award merge la/ goes to:

best moment award






 Sunshine Blog Award merge la/ goes to:

sunshine award






 Versatile Blogger Award merge la/ goes to:

versatile blogger award






The Family Award merge la/ goes to:

family blog award






The Dragon Loyalty Award merge la/ goes to:

dragon's loyalty award






 2 Versatile Blog Award merge la/goes to:

2 versatile blogger award






My dears,

December exists in the year for the same reason the ice cream exists in the hot summer days, for the same reasons we have cream on the cake and as we all because we do believe in our dreams. It was created specifically to draw the line and to reflect on the year that is ending, but it was created also for giving. To give to loved ones or those who we appreciate a nice thought, a simple gift or just a smile wrapped in a hug.
The most precious gift of all is love. And so I want to dedicate to you all who read my thoughts a piece of my love. For some of you I also have something more tangible, an award gift that I have received from other special people, and because it’s nice to give away, let’s do like a Romanian saying tells us to do “built heaven giving away what we received as gift from others”.
Here are the gifts!

7 lucruri despre mine / 7 facts about me:

  1. Sunt mandra ca sunt femeie / I am proud to be a woman
  2. Imi place sa impart iubire / I adore sharing love
  3. Consider ca toti suntem egali, si trebuie sa ne comportam ca atare / I think we all are equals and we should act like such
  4. Desi sunt nascuta vara, iubesc zapada / Although I was born in a summer day, I love snow
  5. Cunosc toate felurile de ras ale sotului meu si ma simt norocoasa din cauza asta / I know all the laughing ways of my husband and I feel lucky to know this
  6. Am 2 parinti minunati si sper sa fiu si eu un parinte minunat / I have 2 wonderful parents and I hope to be one too
  7. Inca mai cred in Mos Craciun / I still believe in Santa Clause

Multumiri speciale celor care m-au nominat/ Special thanks for those who have nominated me:






Si acum tot ce trebuie sa faceti e sa dati mai departe darurile de la mine. Spuneti 7 lucruri despre voi si anuntati-i pe cei nominalizati.

All you need to do now is give away these gifts to others. Tell us 7 things about yourselves and let the nominee know about you giving them the award.

La multi ani mie la prima aniversare blogareasca! / Happy first blog anniversary to me!

1 an

1 an inseamna 365 de zile. Ba nu, inseamna multa mancare. Nici asa nu e bine… 1 an inseamna multe zambete, o groaza de farfurii spalate si niste fire de par pierdute ca nu-ti iese botoselul din fondant. Ahhhmmm, nu nu, reiau. 1 an inseamna un timp sufficient de lung incat sa iti dai seama de detalii care erau in fata ochilor tai dar pana atunci nu le vazusei. E mai bine acum? Sau 1 an inseamna sa te redescoperi, sa te regasesti acolo unde nu te cautasei niciodata, si sa impartasesti cu altii muuuulte intamplari. Hai ca imi place cum suna asta. Tot 1 an inseamna primii pasi, ai unui copil, ai copilului din tine care viseaza, care spera, care greseste si care incepe sa simta gustul, gustul macarii, gustul esecului dar si gustul victoriei dupa multe incercari nereusite.

1 an inseamna ca v-am zapacit cu 100 de “hartiute” pe care am scrijelit orice mi-a bubuit mintea… Mai inseamna si mult curaj, inconstienta si cateva kg de nebunie, pura nebunie. 365 de zile inseamna mai mult de 1 an, inseamna 8760 de ore in care m-am tot gandit ce sa mai nascocesc, ce cratita sa mai ard, ce sfinti sa mai inalt la ceruri ca sa imi iasa o mancare prapadita asa cum visez eu.

52 de saptamani de sperante ca oamenii ma vor citi, ca suflete vor vibra la fel ca mine, ca voi strange macar 20.000 de vizualizari ( asta o taiati la montaj va rog, ca am depasit 20.300 deja)

31.536.000 de secunde in care m-am gandit la voi, toti care ati binevoit sa popositi pe la mine prin bucatarie, si mi-ati acordat putin din pretiosul timp ca sa vedeti o poza facuta cu mare stangacie, sau sa cititi un gand prafuit, sau poate sa zambiti la balivernele publicate de mine.

Nu mai trag de elastic, presimt ca daca ii dau drumul ma plezneste peste ochi, asa ca VA MULTUMESC, si ne citim in continuare, parol!

 English version:

1 year means 365 days. No, it means lot of food . No it doesn’t sound so good … 1 year means many smiles, lots of dishes washed and some hair loss ‘cause my fondant baby shoe it’s not coming out as it should. Ahhhmmm, I don’t like this, let me rephrase. 1 year means a long enough time when you realize the key lies in front of your eyes but you hadn’t seen it yet. It’s better now? Or let’s say 1 year means to rediscover yourself, find yourself where you never ever searched, and share with others so many events .

Ok, this is much better, I like the sound of that. Also 1 year means the first steps of a child, the child in you, hoping and dreaming and who begins to feel the taste of food, the taste of failure but also the taste of victory after many unsuccessful attempts.
1 year means that I confused you guys with 100 “notes” I scribbled on my blog, with rumbling thoughts… It also means courage, unconsciousness and a few pounds of madness , pure madness. 365 days is more than 1 year it’s 8760 hours that I’ve been thinking about what to cook and what pot to burn, it means raising saints to the highest heaven to turn the crappy food into what I actually had in mind.
52 weeks I hoped for people will read these lines and their souls will vibrate like mine, that I will gather at least 20,000 views ( cut this when you review the article please, I already passed the 20,300 views)

31,536,000 seconds in which I thought of you, all that halt in my kitchen, and that gave me some of their precious little time to see a picture taken by a rookie, or to read a dusty thought, or to smile at the nonsense published by me.

Ok I won’t pull the string too much, as I got a feeling that it will spank me in the face, so just to say THANK YOU ALL, and we read each other’s lines further on, cross my heart and hope not to die!

Proiect 10.000 / the 10.000 Project

“10.000 lei” – proiect de ajutorare sociala demarat de blogeri culinari

Sunt un om simplu, cu nevoi simple si pretentii de bun simt. Nu mi-am propus sa ajung un mare blogger sau o entitate in lumea culinara, am vrut doar sa aduc un zambet, sa dau un sfat, sa impartasesc cu oameni adevarati, reali, cu bucurii si probleme reale, particele din viata mea, din sufletul meu.

Daca am reusit sau nu, voi sunteti cei care puteti spune asta.

Pe scurt, am aflat ca niste oameni la fel de reali ca mine vor sa ajute niste pui de oameni… oferind-le putin din putinul lor. Mi se pare o mica minune si din respect pt gestul lor vreau sa ai ajut cum pot. E vorba de donat o suma de bani. Nu exista proportii. Orice suma, cat de mica, e contorizata ca un gest mare de cei care au nevoie. Am inteles ca beneficiarii sunt urmatorii. Citez:

“ 1. Asociatia Muzeul Ianca din Ianca (Braila) – De-a lungul timpului, asociatia a adunat peste 1000 de exponate si a infiintat Muzeul Ianca, acreditat si de minister. De curand, membrii asociatiei au inceput sa faca in incinta muzeului cursuri pentru copiii din familii cu situatii financiare scazute pentru a-i ajuta sa tina pasul la scoala cu ceilalti. Au dotat o sala cu calculatoare, au amenajat-o si fac cursuri de utilizare a calculatorului cu peste 150 de copii. Ii ajuta sa-si mai faca temele si sa fie la acelasi nivel cu cei care au calculator acasa. Ii duc in excursii si la Braila, mai ales ca multi dintre ei nu au iesit din comunitate. Pe termen lung, se gandesc sa faca un after-school pentru copii, ateliere de tesut si alte activitati ca sa atraga copiii din comunitate;

2. Asociatia Impreuna pentru Viitor din Spantov (Calarasi) – este formata din trei fete tinere care au reusit sa mobilizeze multi oameni din comunitate, mai ales tineri (au vreo 40 de voluntari care se implica in toate activitatile asociatiei) si sa le castige increderea. Primul proiect pe care l-au facut a fost amenajarea unui teren de joaca pentru ca nu exista niciun loc unde tinerii si copiii sa se intalneasca si sa-si petreaca timpul liber. Banii cu care au fost finantati pana acum nu le-au ajuns pentru toate activitatile pe care si le-au dorit, si atunci au organizat un eveniment de strangere de fonduri – un campionat de fotbal – si au reusit sa mai adune ceea ce le lipsea. Au facut cursuri cu tinerii din comunitate pentru a-i implica pe termen lung in activitatile pe care le fac. Acum au si un Club de educatie alternativa care se va desfasura pana la final de noiembrie. De obicei, de sarbatori fac campanii de strangere de fonduri (bani sau obiecte) pentru familiile sarace din comuna.

3. Fundatia Solidaritate si Speranta (Iasi) – se ocupa de doua centre de zi (Centrul Mia Casa din Barnova si Centrul Sf.Marina) care au in grija copiii ce provin din familii sarace, dezorganizate sau cu alte probleme. Aici ei beneficiaza de o masa calda (dupa scoala), primesc ajutor la teme si au activitati ce-i ajuta sa se integreze in societate.”

Banii se vor duce in contul Fundatiei PACT (nu aleasa intamplator, ci cu grija) care se va ocupa apoi de impartirea in trei a sumei + realizarea de proiecte;

 Contul de donatii este RO12BPOS70606197144RON10, deschis la Bancpost SA- Sucursala Universitate (Fundatia PACT);

Se poate dona direct cu cardul (lei, euro, dolari) si AICI, in josul paginii veti gasi formular de plata direct cu cardul (nu uitati sa puneti “Proiect 10.000″ langa nume).

FOARTE IMPORTANT: pentru a putea urmari exact ce sume se strang, va rugam frumos de tot, foarte frumos, sa specificati, cand faceti donatia/tranzactia, “Proiect 10.000“; daca doriti sa ramaneti anonimi, va rugam frumos sa specificati “Proiect 10.000 Anonim” (fiecare “anonim” va primi apoi un indicativ cand va fi publicat pe site, ca sa stie fiecare om ca banii lui sunt bagati in seama si considerati);

Campania se desfasoara pana pe 15 decembrie 2013, pentru a fi timp apoi ca o parte din banii ostransi sa mearga si pentru bucuriile imediate de Sarbatori pentru cei mici;

Sunt si bannere de sprijin ale campaniei, pentru cine doreste sa le puna pe propriile siteuri culinare si multumim anticipat:

Cod pentru bannerul de 300×250:

<a href=”http://www.foodblog.ro/2013/11/10-000-lei-proiect-de-ajutorare-sociala-demarat-de-blogeri-culinari/” title=”300×250 by Little Miss Andie, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3827/10667930565_69eb45a10e.jpg” width=”300″ height=”250″ alt=”300×250″></a>

Cod pentru bannerul de 468×60:

<a href=”http://www.foodblog.ro/2013/11/10-000-lei-proiect-de-ajutorare-sociala-demarat-de-blogeri-culinari/” title=”468×60 by Little Miss Andie, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7301/10667968496_7f068afdcc.jpg” width=”468″ height=”60″ alt=”468×60″></a>

Cod pentru bannerul de  250×250:

<a href=”http://www.foodblog.ro/2013/11/10-000-lei-proiect-de-ajutorare-sociala-demarat-de-blogeri-culinari/” title=”250×250 by Little Miss Andie, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7352/10668188313_d2fd5e413b.jpg” width=”250″ height=”250″ alt=”250×250″></a>

Pt  mai multe detalii dati click aici!


 English version:

 Project “ 10,000″- a social project initiated by culinary bloggers in Romania

I am a simple person with simple needs and demands of common sense. I did not set out to become a great blogger or an entity in the culinary world, I just wanted to bring a smile on people’s faces, to give a tip and to share with real people, with real joys and real problems bits of my life, of my soul.
If I succeeded or not, you are the one who can say that.
In short, I just found out that some people as real as I am, want to help some children … giving them a piece of the little they have. It seems like a small miracle, and out of respect for their gesture I want help where I can. It’s about donating money. No matter the amount. Any amount, how small, is counted as a grand gesture to those who need it. I understand that beneficiaries are the following. Quote:

1. “Museum Association of Ianca” from Ianca village in Braila  county – Over time , the association has gathered more than 1,000 exhibits and the museum founded  in Inaca was accredited by the Ministry of Culture. Recently, the association members began keeping courses for children, in the museum, children from families with low financial statements to help them keep up in school and develop their talents. Now they have an IT room, and they have arranged Computer courses with over 150 children. This helps them doing their homework and be on the same line with those kids who have a computer at home. The association carries on trips in Braila city, especially since many of these children have never got out in the community. In the long run, is going to make an after-school  for the kids, weaving workshops and other activities to attract children in the community and to help them make a better future;

2. “Together for the Future” Association from Spantov  village in Calarasi county – consists out of three young girls who were able to mobilize many people in the community , especially young people ( have about 40 volunteers who are involved in all activities of the association ) and gain their trust . The first project that they did was building a playground as there was no place where children and young people to meet and to spend leisure time. Money that were gathered so far have not come to cover all the activities and plans they had, so then they organized a fundraising event – a football championship – and have managed to gather what they lacked. They made courses to engage young people in community with long-term activities. Now they also founded the Alternative Education Club, which runs until the end of November. Usually in the holidays season they run fundraising campaigns (money or items ) for poor families in the village.

3. Solidarity and Hope Foundation from Iasi city in Iasi county – which takes care of two day centers (Centre Casa Mia in Barnova villageand Sf.Marina Center ) who take care of children coming from poor families, broken families or other children having problems . Here they receive a hot meal (after school ) , they get help with homework and they have activities that help them to integrate into society.

The fund raising money will go into the PACT Foundation account (chosen very carefully ) that will handle then dividing of the sum for the three projects ;

The Account for donations is RO12BPOS70606197144RON10 , opened at Bancpost Bank the University Office( PACT ) ;

You can donate directly from the card ( RON, EUR , USD ) here at  the bottom of the page you will find the form of direct payment by card (do not forget to add “Project 10,000 ” next to the name ) .
Now , very important to be able to track exactly how much money are donated, please specify , when you make the donation / transaction , “Project 10,000 ” if you wish to remain anonymous , please specify “Project 10,000 Anonymous ” (each “anonymous ” will then receive an indication code which will be published on the site, so every man will know that his money is channeled into the right account and very much appreciated) ;
The bloggers that initiated this project want to conclude the fundraising campaign until December 15 2013, to give immediate joys for these children in the holiday season;
You can support the campaign with  banners on your websites and culinary blogs.

Banner code 300 × 250 :

<a title = ” 300 × 250 by Little Miss Andie , on Flickr “> < img src = ” http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3827/10667930565_69eb45a10e.jpg ” width = ” 300″ height = ” 250 ” alt = ” 300 × 250 “> < / a>

Code for banner 468 × 60 :

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Orez cu prune uscate / Rice with dry plums / Riso con prugne secche

Cand eram copil, avea bunica un pat special din nuiele, si ii zicea gratie. Pe ea punea la uscat toamna prune fierte. Era o adevarata provocare si un act de maxim auto control sa ne tinem mainile departe de acel loc. Era o voce interioara care iti spunea “nu pune mana” si in acelasi timp, o alta voce, din stomac, care te indemna sa iei din ele, si usor deveneai campul de lupta a doua puteri, cea a salivei din cavitatea bucala si cea mentala. Cum sa rezisti la asa tentatie, sa nu degusti de cel putin 100 de ori pe zi din minunatele fructe care stateau ostentativ la soare, intinse cu grija de bunica numai ca sa iti faca tie sangele amar de ciuda ca nu le poti termina. Si cu mare chin reusea bunica sa pastreze cateva prune uscate pt postul Craciunului sa le fiarba apoi cu orez.

Aceeasi reteta am incercat eu sa o reproduc de curand, tot in post, dar al Pastelui.

Avem nevoie de :

  • 150 gr orez
  • De 4 ori cantitatea de apa
  • Cam 350 gr prune uscate
  • Zahar dupa gust si coaja rasa de lamaie

Procedeul este simplu. Se lasa in apa prunele, cam 3 ore, sa se inmoaie.


Se fierbe orezul in  apa usor sarata.


Dupa cum am precizat mai devreme, cantitatea de apa este de 4 ori cea de orez, de aceea eu masor orezul cu o cana.


Cand e gata fiert, se adauga prunele si putin zahar. Se mai lasa la fiert putin si dupa ce se ia de pe foc se lasa la racit si se adauga coaja de lamaie, deasupra, pt aroma.


Se poate servi si cald, dar e mai bun rece. Pofta mare!

PS: Reteta mea participa la un concurs acum


Mai multe detalii gasiti la sursa:   http://abcincucina.blogspot.com.es/p/welcome-to-europe.html

English version:

When I was a kid, my grandmother had special bed of straw. In early fall she sat on it boiled dry plums. It was a challenge and an act of great self-control than to keep our hands away from that place. It was an inner voice that said “do not touch” and at the same time, another voice, in the stomach, and easily I  become the battlefield of two powers, the saliva in the mouth and my mind. How to resist such temptation, not to taste at least 100 times a day from the wonderful fruit that stood ostentatiously in the sun, to become so stretched as my grandmother carefully planned, it just made your blood tie bitter. And with great pain, from my side, grandmother managed to keep some dry plums for the time before Christmas to then boil with rice.
Same recipe I tried recently to reproduce, also in time of self-control, but before Easter this time.
We need:

  • 150 g rice
  • 4 times the amount of water
  • About 350 g dry plums
  • Sugar and lemon zest

The process is simple. Allow the plums to hydrate for about 3 hours in plain water, to soften. Boil the rice in lightly salted water. As mentioned earlier, the amount of water is 4 times that of rice, so I masseur the rice with cups.
When it’s done cooking, add a bit of sugar and the plums. Leave it to boil a bit more and it cools down add the lemon zest, for flavor.
It can be served warm, but cold is better. Enjoy!

PS: my recipe is now in a contest


Check out the details here

Or the direct link  http://abcincucina.blogspot.com.es/p/welcome-to-europe.html


Quando ero bambina la mia nonna aveva un letto speciale fatto di vimini che si chiamava “gratie”. Lei metteva in autunno le prugne a farle seccare sopra e sempre mi diceva di non toccarle. C’era una voce dentro di me che mi diceva “non toccarle” e sempre un altra voce che partiva dalla pancia e mi spingeva di prendere alcuna e cosi piano pianino diventavo un campo di guerra tra le due forze la mente e la bocca che salivava.
Come resistere alla tentazione, non assaggiare 100 volte al giorno i meravigliosi frutti che oziavano sotto il sole addaggiati con cura dalla mia nonna sembrando che vogliono solo farmi gola e prendermi in giro perché non posso mangiarli tutti.
E con tanta fatica la nonna riusciva a salvare alcune prugne e metterli da parte per il digiuno (ortodosso) prima del Natale e poi cucinarle con il riso.
  • 150 gr riso
  • 4 volte la stesa quantità (volume) di acqua
  • quasi 350 gr prugne secche
  • zucchero semolato secondo il vostro gusto
  • e scorza grattugiata di un limone BIO
Lasciate le prugne in ammollo in acqua per quasi 3 ore, si devono ammorbidire.
Lessate il riso al dente in acqua salata. Aggiungete le prugne scollate e lo zucchero e terminate la cottura del riso.
Spegnete la fiamma e aggiungete la scorza grattugiata del limone. Servite caldo, tiepido o ancora meglio freddo.
Grazie Cristina per la traduzione.