Omleta mea magica / My magic omelet

La ora cand scriu aceste randuri e dimineata, cam aceeasi ora la care in urma cu 8 luni pregateam acest mic dejun perfect. Este poate cel mai cunoscut si simplu fel de mancare menit sa potoleasca foamea cand nu ai nimic altceva la indemana sau menit sa te ajute pt o zi plina de evenimente. Este vorba despre simpla si arhicunoscuta omleta.

Este insa o omleta speciala, cel putin pt mine. Este omleta bunicii mele, facuta din oua de la gainile din curte si imbogatita cu ceapa verde si marar din propria gradina. Ca sa fie micul dejun desavarsit, am pregatit-o in aceeasi tigaie in care o facea si ea.

Avem nevoie de 2 oua de curte, cateva fire de ceapa verde si cateva fire de marar.


Taiem verdeata si o punem la calit. In acest timp batem bine bine ouale si cand verdeata s-a inmuiat putin in tigaia sfarainda adaugam si ouale.


Nu amestecati cu nimic continutul, fiti rabdatori pt ca omleta sa fie pufoasa. O intoarcem usor cu o furculita si in 5 minute avem cea mai delicioasa omleta. O scoatem din tigaie si o asezonam cu putina sare si piper si o lasam la odihna intr-o farfurie de lut. Eu n-am avut prea multa rabdare si am facut ultima poza asa pe fuga.


Parfumul verdeturilor proaspete si ouale proaspete e tot ce iti trebuie ca sa incepi ziua intr-un tonus de zile mari.

Reteta e facuta in primavara si micul dejun l-am luat afara in curte, la soare, si tot ce pot sa va spun e ca a avut si un dram de magie in ea.

Pofta mare!

English version:

When I write these lines it’s morning, about the same time that 8 months ago I was preparing the perfect breakfast. It is perhaps the best known and simple dish, designed to satisfy the hunger when you have nothing else at hand or intended to help you start in force a day full of events. It’s the simple and extremely delicious omelet.
But this is a special omelet, at least for me. My grandmother made me the scrambled eggs from the eggs she took from the chickens in the back yard and enriched it with green onions and some dill from our garden. To be the perfect breakfast I prepared it in the same pan in which she was and I can tell you that it tasted the same so I felt the loving presence of my granny at the table.
We need 2 eggs, a few green onions and a few strands of dill.
Cut the greens and put them into the hot pan to cook. Meanwhile beat the eggs well and when the greens when softened slightly in the hot pan add the eggs. Do not mix with the content, be patient for that to be a fluffy omelet. Turn it on the other side easily with a fork and within 5 minutes we have the most delicious omelet. When out of the pan, season it with a pinch of salt and pepper and leave it to rest in a clay dish. I never had much patience so the omelet lasted just a few seconds just enough to take a blurry picture on the run. The scent of fresh herbs and fresh eggs is everything you need to start your day in a great tone.
The recipe is best made in the spring and I took this breakfast outside, in the yard, in the sun, and all I can say is that it had a touch of magic in it.



Salata de spanac proaspat / Fresh spinach salad, with cheese

Vorba multa, saracia omului. Propun sa ne dregem tranzitul intestinal cu verdeata. Dupa cantitatile considerabile de carne la gratar, bere, oua rosii si alte minuni, ne-ar sade bine cu o salata colorata si plina de fier.
De data aceasta va propun salata de spanac verde si proaspat cu rosii, branza de vaca, castravete si otet de mere. Un deliciu.

Se prepara in 10 minute. Spalati legumele.


Taiati rosiile, castravetii si ceapa dupa placul inimii. Apoi rupeti frunzele spalate de spanac si amestecati toate legumele cu branza taiata in cuburi, piper, sare, putin ulei si otet de mere.


Pofta mare!

English verson:

In Romania we have a saying “Talk much, lose much”. So here I am with a fast forward salad recipe, a bowl filled with greens. After the Easter time when most Romanians consumed considerable quantities of barbecue dishes, beer, eggs, tomatoes and other wonderful and traditional dishes, I would loke to propose a change of course with a colorful salad.
We need fresh green spinach, tomatoes, cottage cheese, cucumber and apple vinegar. A true delight.

You can prepare it in 10 minute. Wash well all vegetables.


Cut the tomatoes, cucumbers and onions as your heart pleases. Then tear the washed spinach leaves and mix all vegetables with the diced cheese add pepper, salt, some sunflower little oil and vinegar.

Enjoy the spring!

Salata colorata de primavara / Colourful spring salad

A venit si primavara draga de ea. Vremea de plimbat si cules floricelede prin padure inca se lasa asteptata asa cum ma las si eu asteptata cu o reteta, cu ceva interesant. Draga omule care astepti retete multe si frumoase de la mine, da tu, ala singur din spatele salii, accepta-mi scuzele te rog, dar sa stii ca retetele se mai lasa asteptate. Pune sare, piper, un stop de ulei de masline si niste otet si amesteca bine.

Pana atunci am venit cu o salata. Aceasta este salata mea, colorata, vie, naturala si dementiala.


Du-te tu, cititourule draga la piata si cumpara ce legume vezi cu ochii.

Ia :

  • Salata verde
  • Un castravete
  • Una sau doua rosii
  • O ceapa mare si frumoasa

Vino acasa si le spala. Pune pe gratar un piept de pui si taie-l cubulete. Amesteca-le pe toate si gandeste-te la bucuria pe care o simte organismul tau mancand salata.


Pofta mare draga cititorule si sa ne citim cu bine si data urmatoare.

English version:

Spring came, our and dearest. The weather for walking and picking forest flowers is still awaited as I leave myself awaited with a new recipe or with something interesting. Dear man who expect more recipes from me, yes you, the lonely one the back of the room, my only fan, please accept my apologies, but you must know that you’ll have to wait some more.

Until then I come to you with a salad. This is my colorful, vivid, natural and amazingly good spring salad. You my dear reader, will need to buy some vegetables from the market.
Get some:

  • lettuce
  • a cucumber
  • One or two tomatoes
  • A nice big onion

Come home and wash them. Put on the grill a chicken breast and dice it. Cut the veggies, add slat, olive oil and some vinnegar and mix them all. Then think of the joy that your body feels while you are eating this salad.

Enjoy it my dear reader and feel the spring. Until next time, take care and laugh more!

Budinca de cartofi / Potatoes pudding

Se intampla uneori sa vrem sa gatim ceva deosebit, o reteta asa mai speciala din ingrediente simple. Sau se mai intampla sa ai musafiri si sa nu poti sa ii tratezi cu retete complicate ca nu te tine buzunarul. De asta e bine sa mai ai la indemana si o reteta foarte usoara, facuta de altii sau auzita de la vreun coleg de munca, nu se stie niciodata cand ai nevoie de ea.

Asadar dragii mei, sa va prezint budinca mea de cartofi.

budinca de cartofi 4

Initial reteta o auzisem de la o colega de munca. Ea e novice in bucatarie insa iubitul ei vine cu idei stralucite de retete facute de mama lui. Si uite asa prin viu grai ne ajutam unii pe altii cum sa gatim bun si simplu.

In reteta originala aveam nevoie de:

  • 1 ardei gras
  • 1 morcov
  • 1 ceapa
  • 5 cartofi mai mari, cam 1,5 kg asa
  • 150 gr branza
  • 2 oua
  • Vreo 6 linguri de smantana
  • Putin piper si rozmarin

 Pentru ca eu nu am vrut sa folosesc toate legumele, am folosit doar cartofii, branza si smantana. Am purces asadar la fierberea cartofilor in coaja.

budinca de cartofi 1

Apoi i-am curatat si i-am taiat in cubulete cum m-am nepriceput eu mai bine. Am pus peste ei ouale, smantana si piperul. Apoi am ras branza si am pus si rozmarin. Sare nu am adaugat pt ca era branza suficient de sarata.

Le-am amestecat bine pana s-a omogenizat compozitia, si am adaugat si o lingura de ulei. In cazul in care doriti sa folositi toate legumele din reteta originala, trebuie sa le spalati, sa le taiati cuburi si sa le sotati putin in ulei. Apoi le amestecati cu restul ingredientelor.

budinca de cartofi 2

Am pus in vasul de yena putin ulei si am pus compositia. Peste ea am ras inca o felie de branza si am pus si putina smantana care ramasese singurica in cutie. Si zdup la cuptor, la foc mediu.

Se vor coace repede, aproximativ 40 minute. Arata foarte bine ca si garnitura dar la o adica o puteti servi cu o muratura langa si gata cina.

budinca de cartofi 3

Pofta mare!

English version:

It happens sometimes that you to want to cook something special but to be a recipe with simple ingredients. Or it happens for you to have guests and you cannot treat them with complicated recipes ‘cause you have an empty pocket . That ‘s why it’s good to have at hand and a very easy recipe , made ​​by others or heard from a colleague, because you never know when you might need it .
So my dears, let me present you my potato pudding.
Originally, the recipe I had heard about from a work colleague. She’s a novice in the kitchen but her boyfriend comes with bright ideas of recipes made ​​by his mother. And so we help each other with nice recipes, by simply talking about food and what we like.
The original recipe needed :

1 bell pepper
1 carrot
1 onion
5 large potatoes about 1.5 kg or so
150 gr cheese
2 eggs
About 6 tablespoons of sour cream
some pepper and rosemary

Because I did not want to use all my vegetables, I only used the potatoes, the cheese and the sour cream. I started by boiling the potatoes with their skins on. Then I peeled them and I cut them  into cubes as I bad as I could, because size doesn’t matter. I put over them the eggs , cream and pepper. Then I grated the cheese and added the rosemary . I didn’t added salt for the cheese was salty enough .

I thoroughly mixed until the composition was homogenized , and added a tablespoon of oil . If you want to use all the veggies from the original recipe , you have to wash them , dice them and sauté them in some oil. Then mix them with the rest of the ingredients.

Then I put the mix in a yena dish with a tablespoon of oil first in it. I grated one more slice of cheese and added the rest of the remaining sour cream that was alone in the bowl. And then bang in the oven at medium heat!
It will cook fast, in about 40 minutes. It looks great as a side dish or garnish but I think you can serve with a pickle next to it and there you have your simplest supper.


Chec aperitiv / Apetizer cake

Si iata ca a inceput si 2014. De putine ori in viata mi s-a intamplat sa imi placa un an. Dintr-un motiv greu de explicat 1993 , 2010 si acum 2014 mi-au placut inca din primele zile. M-am simtit confortabil sa traiesc acesti ani si mi-au lasat un gust dulce pe papilele gustative ale amintirilor.

Si acum sa incep acest an cu o reteta noua, ca asa ii sta bine unui om caruia ii place sa gateasca. Va prezint dragii mei un chec aperitiv. La rugamintile mamei, o pofticioasa cu experienta, am pus la cale 2 tavi mai mici de cozonac in care sa coc acest chec. Prea tanara mea experienta in bucatarie a fost suficienta sa gatesc ceva delicat si foarte bun la gust.

Avem nevoie de urmatoarele:

  • Cam 5 oua. Ideea este ca eu am pregatit in aceeasi seara si un tort tiramisu, si sotul meu a facut si o salata cu maioneza si am pus pt aceste doua checuri 7 oua intregi si 5 albusuri. Asadar ca recomand sa folositi cu incredere 5 oua potrivite, sau 6 daca sunt micute.
  • 6 linguri iaurt simplu
  • 6 felii muschi file
  • 3 felii pastrama afumata
  • 1 ardei rosu
  • 100 gr masline fara samburi
  • 3 felii de branza uscata, pe care am ras-o
  • 15 linguri faina
  • 2 plicuri praf de copt
  • piper
  • marar verde

 Sare nu am pus pt ca mezelurile si branza erau cam sarate si daca mai puneam si sare nu am fi putut sa mancam. Ma repet si va reamintesc faptul ca eu am facut 2 checuri, deci puteti injumatati cantitatile pt unul singur, de proba.

 Procedeul este foarte simplu de urmat. Incepeti prin a taia marunt mezelurile si ardeiul. Eu am luat maslinele gata taiate ca sa nu imi tai degetele pregatindu-le si pe acestea.

Am batut la mixer ouale ca pentru blatul de tort. Pana s-au transformat intr-o spuma voluminoasa. Apoi am adaugat lingurile de iaurt si am amestecat bine.

chec aperitiv 2

Dupa aceea am pus peste tot ce am tocat marunt, mezelul, ardeiul, am ras si branza, si maslinele si am amestecat bine.

La final am pus si faina si am amestecat sa fie totul omogen. Are constienta unei paste groase cu o mie de minuni in ea de texturi si marimi diferite.

chec aperitiv 3

Apoi am pus hartie de copt in tavi si am turnat in mod egal compozitia peste.

Temperatura de copt e asemantoare oricarei prajituri, foc mediu in cazul meu, la gaze.

Timpul de copt trece de 40 minute. Va trebui sa incercati mereu cu o scobitoare daca s-a copt compozitia. Eu de exemplu am scos mai devreme una din tavi ca se copsese déjà sip e a doua am mai lasat-o 7 minute.

chec aperitiv1

Rezultatul merita toti banii, asa ca nu ezitati sa incercati, sau sa mai faceti o data reteta daca nu va este straina.

 Pofta mare!

chec aperitiv 4

 English version:

And thus begins 2014. Few times in my life happened that I liked a year. For some reason hard to explain 1993, 2010 and now in 2014 are my favorite years from the early days . I felt and feel comfortable to live these years and they have left a sweet taste on the taste buds of my memories .
Now to start this year I present you a new recipe because this is what someone who likes to cook does for a new year. I present you my dears the appetizer cake recipe. At the request of my mother, an experienced longing in our family, we planned to bake two smaller trays with this cake. My too young kitchen experience was enough to cook something delicate and very tasty.
We need the following :

  •  About 5 eggs. The idea is that I have prepared in the same evening a tiramisu cake, and my husband did a salad with mayonnaise and I put 7 whole eggs and the 5 egg whites which remained from the other recipes. So I recommend you to use with confidence 5 medium eggs , or 6 if they are tiny for these two cakes.
  • 6 tablespoons of yogurt
  • 6 slices bacon
  • 3 slices smoked ham
  • 4 slices of another type of salami or sausages you have in the fridge
  • 1 red pepper
  • 100g pitted olives
  • 3 slices (150 grams) of cheese or parmesan
  • 15 tablespoons flour
  • 2 sachets of baking powder
  • Pepper
  • fresh dill

I did not added salt because the meat and cheese were a bit salty and if I had added salt we couldn’t eat it. I remind you that I made two cakes , so you can halve the quantities for one.

The baking process is very simple to follow . Start by finely cut all the sausages and peppers and bacon, just dice them all. I bought chopped olives not to cut my fingers at home.
I then beat the eggs as for any ordinary cake until they turned into a voluminous foam. Then I added the yogurt and I mixed well .
Then I added everything I chopped , I grated the cheese and then threw the olives and mixed well with a spoon.
Finally I  added the flour and I mixed it to be smooth. It looked like a thick paste with a thousand wonders in it, of different textures and sizes. Pretty nice, I tell you.
Then I laid some baking paper in my trays and poured evenly the composition .
The baking temperature is the same as for any other cookies you bake, medium.
The baking time might pass 40 minutes. You should always check with a toothpick if the composition is baked . I for example took out of the oven one of the trays that was already baked and left the second one seven minutes more.
The result is worth all the money, so do not hesitate to try , or bale it again of the recipe is not foreign to your kitchen.


Legume coapte in otet / Fried veggies with vinegar

E sambata dimineata. Aceste dimineti erau preferatele mele in copilarie. Toata vara mi-o petreceam la bunica intr-o libertate absoluta, alaturi de ea, de cele 7 gaini ale ei si alaturi de catelul Tarzan, cel mai drag prieten al meu. De vineri seara tatal meu venea si el la bunica aducand un pepene imens, vinete, ardei si alte bunatati de vara. Planul era déjà prestabilit. Urma ca sambata dimineata sa ne trezim devreme dimineata si sa mergem la padure, care era la 50 de metrii de noi. In padure era un paradis, ciuperci, fragi, iepuri urecheati care fugeau alergati de Tarzan, pasarele si racoare. Ne plimbam ore intregi adunand fragi, mure si ciuperci dar si crengi uscate cazute din copaci sa putem gati cu ele. Odata intorsi acasa coceam pe soba veche din bucataria de vara ciupercute ardei si vinete, faceam o salata mare de rosii cu ceapa si castravete si ne bucuram de compania fiecaruia. Ador aceste amintiri caci desi sunt nascuta noaptea tarziu, dintotdeauna diminetile devreme de vara au fost preferatele mele. Iata asadar un mic omagiu adus acelor dimineti cu aceasta reteta extraordinar de simpla.

  • Luati vreo 7, 8 ardei
  • O vanata, doua
  • Si niste branza

Puneti pe gratar, daca nu aveti plita afara, ardeii intregi si vinetele ori intregi ori taiate rondele.

copt 2

Cand s-au copt, le luati de pe gratar, le lasati sa isi traga sufletul 2, 3 minute, si le curatati de coaja. Puneti ardeii intr-un castron si peste ei puneti dupa gust putin ulei, cam 2 linguri, putin otet, tot cam asa si sare pt gust. Daca ati copt vinetele intregi, le tocati marunt cu un cutiti de paine si le amestecati ca o salata cu ceapa, sare si ulei, daca le-ati facut rondele, le lasati asa.

copt 1

Se pun toate pe o farfurie alaturi de niste cas, si cu o rosie dolofana langa ele v-ati incropit dragii mei, mancare pt suflet.

Pofta mare!

English version:

It’s Saturday morning. These were my favorite childhood mornings. All summer I used to spend it at my grandmother’s in an absolute freedom, with her, her 7 chickens and the dog, Tarzan, my dearest friend. Friday afternoon my dad came too at grandma’s bringing a huge watermelon, eggplant, peppers and other summer goodies. The plan was already preset. The following Saturday morning we would wake up early in the morning and go into the forest, which was 50 meters from us. In the woods there was a paradise, mushrooms, strawberries, eared rabbits fleeing from Tarzan, walkways and cool. We walked for hours gathering wild strawberries, blackberries and mushrooms, fallen branches from the trees so we can cook with them.

Once back home we baked on the old summer kitchen stove the mushrooms peppers and eggplant, we made a great tomato salad with onion and cucumber and enjoy the company of everyone. I love those memories because although I was born late at night, early summer mornings have always been my favorites. So here’s a small tribute to those mornings with this extraordinary simple recipe.

  • Take 7, 8 peppers
  • an eggplant or two
  • and some cheese

Place on a grill, if you don’t have a hob outside, the washed whole peppers and eggplants in whole or sliced. When they mature, take them from the grill, let them draw their soul 2, 3 minutes, and peel them. Place the peppers in a bowl and put over them some oil, about 2 tablespoons, some vinegar and salt for all to get tasteful. If you have baked the eggplant in whole, chop them finely with a bread knife and toss it like a salad with onion, salt and oil but if you made rings, let them as such to be eaten. Place all on a plate with some cheese, and a chubby tomato next to them and my dears you’ve just improvised food for the soul.


Dovlegei pane / Zucchini chips

Dovlegelul n-a fost dintotdeauna prietenul meu la masa. Ca orice copil fugeam cu gandul la un desert sau un fel de mancare care sa contina si putin proteina animala. Desi n-am ajuns la o varsta venerabila, am intampinat si eu ca multi altii de varsta mea ceva problem de sanatate. Remediul l-am gasit la nasul meu, in legume si fructe. Nu pledez pt schimbarea stilului de viata. Nu judec si nu analizez felul fiecaruia de a manca sau de a gati. Tot ce vreau sa fac este sa va arat beneficiile unei alimentatii cat mai usoare si sanatoase pe baza de legume si fructe, dar din care nu trebuie sa lipseasca si putina proteina, sub forma de carnita la gratar sau branzica.

Dovlegelul, dupa cum va spuneam, nu m-a incantat prea mult in copilarie. De cativa ani insa am inceput sa recunosc calitatile sale minunate. Unul din felurile in care il prepar este pane. Un fel simplu de mancare, un chips de dieta cum imi place sa ii spun. Tot ce va trebuie este:

  • 3 dovlegei de marime medie
  • 4 oua
  • 100 gr faina
  • Sare si piper


Curatati de coaja dovlegelul si taiati-l rondele. Separat faceti un sos béchamel din ouale battue cu sare si putin piper si faina.


Acest sos trebuie sa fie mai gros cat sa cata de pe furculita insa nu foarte subtire ca riscati sa se desprinda de pe feliile de dovelgel. Apoi  cufundati feliile una cate un ape ambele parti in sos si le puneti la prajit in putin ulei incins.


Se scot apoi si se lasa la scurs pe un prosopel de hartie ca sa absoarba excesul de ulei. Se servesc si reci si calde cu rosie si usturoi.


Pofta mare!

 English version:

The zucchinis haven’t always been my friends at the table. As a child I was running from any dish containing less animal protein. Although I have reached a venerable age, and came over some health problem I am still not that found of this veggie. The remedy was under my nose, vegetables and fruits cooked in a different way that the way you are used to. I am not pleading for lifestyle change, do not judge and analyze how each of us is eating or cooking. All I want to do is to show you the benefits of eating light and healthy many fruits and vegetables based dishes, that should not be missing from you daily meals and also some protein from time to time like light grilled meat or cheese.

The zucchini, as I said, was avoided by me for several years but I recently started to recognize its wonderful qualities. One of the ways in which we can cook it is fried. An easy way to eat diet chips as I like to call it. All you need is:

  • 3 medium sized zucchinis
  • 4 eggs
  • 100 g flour
  • Pepper and salt

The peeled zucchini needs to be cut into rings, just slice it. Separately the eggs will be beaten like in a béchamel sauce with salt and a little pepper and then add the flour. The sauce should be thick enough not the slip away from you fork but thin enough not to become a dough. Then immerse the zucchini slices one by one, on both sides in this sauce and put them to fry in hot oil.
After they are fried let them drain on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. Serve hot or cold with tomato and garlic.