Dovlegei pane / Zucchini chips

Dovlegelul n-a fost dintotdeauna prietenul meu la masa. Ca orice copil fugeam cu gandul la un desert sau un fel de mancare care sa contina si putin proteina animala. Desi n-am ajuns la o varsta venerabila, am intampinat si eu ca multi altii de varsta mea ceva problem de sanatate. Remediul l-am gasit la nasul meu, in legume si fructe. Nu pledez pt schimbarea stilului de viata. Nu judec si nu analizez felul fiecaruia de a manca sau de a gati. Tot ce vreau sa fac este sa va arat beneficiile unei alimentatii cat mai usoare si sanatoase pe baza de legume si fructe, dar din care nu trebuie sa lipseasca si putina proteina, sub forma de carnita la gratar sau branzica.

Dovlegelul, dupa cum va spuneam, nu m-a incantat prea mult in copilarie. De cativa ani insa am inceput sa recunosc calitatile sale minunate. Unul din felurile in care il prepar este pane. Un fel simplu de mancare, un chips de dieta cum imi place sa ii spun. Tot ce va trebuie este:

  • 3 dovlegei de marime medie
  • 4 oua
  • 100 gr faina
  • Sare si piper


Curatati de coaja dovlegelul si taiati-l rondele. Separat faceti un sos béchamel din ouale battue cu sare si putin piper si faina.


Acest sos trebuie sa fie mai gros cat sa cata de pe furculita insa nu foarte subtire ca riscati sa se desprinda de pe feliile de dovelgel. Apoi  cufundati feliile una cate un ape ambele parti in sos si le puneti la prajit in putin ulei incins.


Se scot apoi si se lasa la scurs pe un prosopel de hartie ca sa absoarba excesul de ulei. Se servesc si reci si calde cu rosie si usturoi.


Pofta mare!

 English version:

The zucchinis haven’t always been my friends at the table. As a child I was running from any dish containing less animal protein. Although I have reached a venerable age, and came over some health problem I am still not that found of this veggie. The remedy was under my nose, vegetables and fruits cooked in a different way that the way you are used to. I am not pleading for lifestyle change, do not judge and analyze how each of us is eating or cooking. All I want to do is to show you the benefits of eating light and healthy many fruits and vegetables based dishes, that should not be missing from you daily meals and also some protein from time to time like light grilled meat or cheese.

The zucchini, as I said, was avoided by me for several years but I recently started to recognize its wonderful qualities. One of the ways in which we can cook it is fried. An easy way to eat diet chips as I like to call it. All you need is:

  • 3 medium sized zucchinis
  • 4 eggs
  • 100 g flour
  • Pepper and salt

The peeled zucchini needs to be cut into rings, just slice it. Separately the eggs will be beaten like in a béchamel sauce with salt and a little pepper and then add the flour. The sauce should be thick enough not the slip away from you fork but thin enough not to become a dough. Then immerse the zucchini slices one by one, on both sides in this sauce and put them to fry in hot oil.
After they are fried let them drain on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. Serve hot or cold with tomato and garlic.