Salata de spanac proaspat / Fresh spinach salad, with cheese

Vorba multa, saracia omului. Propun sa ne dregem tranzitul intestinal cu verdeata. Dupa cantitatile considerabile de carne la gratar, bere, oua rosii si alte minuni, ne-ar sade bine cu o salata colorata si plina de fier.
De data aceasta va propun salata de spanac verde si proaspat cu rosii, branza de vaca, castravete si otet de mere. Un deliciu.

Se prepara in 10 minute. Spalati legumele.


Taiati rosiile, castravetii si ceapa dupa placul inimii. Apoi rupeti frunzele spalate de spanac si amestecati toate legumele cu branza taiata in cuburi, piper, sare, putin ulei si otet de mere.


Pofta mare!

English verson:

In Romania we have a saying “Talk much, lose much”. So here I am with a fast forward salad recipe, a bowl filled with greens. After the Easter time when most Romanians consumed considerable quantities of barbecue dishes, beer, eggs, tomatoes and other wonderful and traditional dishes, I would loke to propose a change of course with a colorful salad.
We need fresh green spinach, tomatoes, cottage cheese, cucumber and apple vinegar. A true delight.

You can prepare it in 10 minute. Wash well all vegetables.


Cut the tomatoes, cucumbers and onions as your heart pleases. Then tear the washed spinach leaves and mix all vegetables with the diced cheese add pepper, salt, some sunflower little oil and vinegar.

Enjoy the spring!


Liebster Award – April 2014 –

Cu putine detalii vin azi in fata voastra cu dorinta de a impartasi un premiu de blog pe care l-am primit de curand. Am fost foarte placut impresionata de aceasta surpriza si ma bucur ca prin regulile acestui premiu il pot da mai departe. Alegerea blogurilor pe care le nominalizez eu a fost total intamplatoare si aleatorie dintre toti acei care isi fact imp sa mai citeasca ce scriu sis a incerce poate, ce gatesc. Va imbratisez cu drag, si sa dati premiul mai departe!

L-am primit de la:


Raspunsurile la intrebarile celei care mi-a dat premiul :

1 . Ai o porecla ?
Porecla mea este KMP ( vine de la Oana Campioana : P )

2 . Ce te-a facut sa iti creezi un blog?
Am inceput blogging-ul , ca o cura de vindecare in urma unei mici pierderi dar si pentru a vedea daca sunt suficient de buna pentru a tine un blog, si ma bucur ca am luat aceasta decizie .

3 . Daca azi ar fi ultima ta zi , care sunt cele trei feluri de mancare pe care le-ar gati, manca, cumpara?
Ciocolată , ciocolată , ciocolată și poate niște … ciocolată

4 . Ce iti gateste mama de ziua ta?
Ceva dulce, cum ar fi o prajitura sau clătite sau „ceva bun”.

5. ( Doar pentru ca acesta este intotdeauna printre primele intrebari pe care le pun oamenilor ): Ai un animal de companie ?
Da ! Iubesc caini … dar si alte animale

6 . Blog culinar sau cartea de bucate ?
Ambele . Cartile de bucate tind sa fie plictisitoare, dar sunt mult mai precise, in opinia mea.

7 . Ce te face sa admiri o persoana?
Daca rade, daca ii place viata, si se bucura de a tot ce face.

8 . Exista un fel de mancare pe care il urasti, desi nu l-ai gustat niciodata?
Da, gandaci, greieri si alte creaturi similare.

9 . Spune despre tine trei adjective negative care te descriu cel mai bine .
Impulsiva, uneopri lenesa , imatura (imi place sa fiu un copil )

10. Doar pentru ca eu sunt interesata; ce carte e preferata ta?
” Papesa Ioana ” (si ” Eat, Pray, Love ” )


Iata si intrebarile mele pentru cei pe care i-am nominalizat:

1. Ce alte interese/ pasiuni ai in afara de gatit?
2. Care este primul lucru pe care le-ai gatit sau copt?
3. Daca ai putea lua cina chiar acum cu cineva mort sau viu, care ar fi acea persoana?
4. Care este micul dejun preferat?
5. Care era cea mai frumoasa vacanta pe care ai avu-o vreodata si de ce?
6. Cum ai ales numele pentru blog-ului?
7. De ce anume esti cel mai mandru/mandra?
8. Ai vreun talent ascuns?
9. Care este lucrul care iti place cel mai mult la tine?
10. Blog culinar sau carte de bucate?

Acest premiu trebui onorat cu urmatoare reguli:
1. Un link catre persoana care te-a nominalizat
2. Raspunsurile la intrebarile de la acea persoana
3. Nominalizarea altor bloguri
4. Enuntarea a 10 intrebari noi pt cei nominalizati
5. Sa ii anuntati pe cei nominalizati



Here I come before you today with the desire to share a blog award that I received recently. I was very impressed by this surprise and I’m glad the rules of this award ask me to give it away to others. Choosing the nominees was totally accidental and random from all those who take some time on reading what I write and maybe to try what I cook. Love, kisses and hugs, don’t forget to give away this lovely award!

From where I received it:

The answers to the questions I’ve been asked:


1. Do you have a nickname?

My nickname is KMP (stands for champ :P)

2. What is it that made you blog?

I started blogging so I could heal from a loss and to see whether I am good enough to blog, and I am glad I took this decision.

3. If today was your last day, what are the three dishes that you would cook, eat, buy or order?

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and maybe some… chocolate

4. What is the dish your mum has always cooked/baked for your birthday?

Something sweet, like a cake, cookie, crepes and others similar

5. (Just because this one’s always among the first questions I tend to ask people): Do you have a pet?

Yes! I absolutely love dogs… and other animals

6. Food blog or cookbook?

Both. Cookbooks tend to be boring but they are more accurate, in my opinion

7. What is it that makes you admire a person?

If they laugh, if they love, if they live and enjoy doing it

8. Is there any kind of food that you hate although you’ve never actually tasted it?

Bugs, crickets and other similar creatures

9. Give me the three best and worst adjectives that best describe you.

Impulsive, lazy-ish, immature (I like being a child)

10. Just because I’m interested: what’s your favorite book?

”Pope Joan” (and “Eat, pray, love”)


My nominees:

My questions for the people I nominated:

  1. What is/are your other interest/s aside from cooking and baking?
  2. What is the first thing you’ve cooked and baked?
  3. If you could have dinner right now with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
  4. What is your favorite breakfast?
  5. What was your best ever holiday and why?
  6. How did you choose the name for your blog?
  7. What are you most proud of?
  8. Do you have any hidden/not so hidden talents?
  9. What is the thing you like best about yourself?
  10. Food blog or cookbook?


The award’s rules:

1. Link to the person who nominated you
2. Answer their questions
3. Nominate new blogs for the award
4. Ask them 10 new questions
5. Let the nominees know they have been nominated

Cuscus cu omleta si sos de usturoi / Omelet couscous with garlic dip

Pentru mine prima experienta de a manca cuscus a fost recent. Eram tare curioasa cum se prepara si ce gust are si mai ales cum poate fi folosit in felurile de mancare. Am preparat o reteta mai clasica de cuscus cu legume gratinate si mi-a placut gustul. Este o mancare foarte satioasa si dupa mine, cred ca merge foarte bine servita cu legume, si sosuri. De aceea am incercat azi sa adaptez o reteta de a prepara cuscus dupa o reteta originala iraeliana.


Avem nevoie de:

  • 50 gr cuscus
  • 3 linguri smantana
  • 4 catei usturoi
  • Un ou sau doua
  • Sare si piper
  • Si putin patrunjel

Pregatim oul in putin ulei, il facem omleta. Eu am folosit doar un ou cu fulgul pe el, direct din cuibarul parintilor mei.


Intre timp punem peste cuscus aproximativ 140 ml de apa fierbinte si acoperim bolul. In 5-8 minute se va inmuia si poate fi mancat.


Luam ustuoroiul si il pisam cu o furculita apoi il amestecam cu smantana, patrunjelul, putina sare si piper.


Cand e gata inmuiat cuscusul il amestecam cu oul taiat franjuri. Si asezonam putin cu sare. Apoi servim sosul de smantana cu ustuori langa cuscusul cu omleta. Va spun eu ca o sa va placa. Daca sunteti fan mancare usoara si incercati combinatii mai rar intalnite, sigur veti mai prepara aceast fel de mancare.


Pofta mare!

English version:

My first experience of eating couscous is recent. I was curious how to prepare it and of course what is the taste. I was especially intrigued on how it can be used in dishes. I first prepared a classic recipe of couscous with grilled vegetables and I liked the taste. It is a highly nourishing food, and for me, I think it goes very well served with vegetables and sauces. Therefore today I tried to adapt an original Israeli recipe I found. Here is what came out.
We need:

  • 50 gr couscous
  • 3 tablespoons sour cream
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • An egg or two
  • Pepper and salt
  • Some parsley

Make an omelet with the egg or eggs. I used only one egg I have from my parent’s chicks, as you can closely see the feather on it.

Meanwhile over the couscous you pour about 140 ml of hot water and cover the bowl. In 5-8 minutes it will soften and can be eaten. We crush the garlic with a fork and then mix it with the sour cream, parsley, salt and pepper. When the couscous is ready we mix it with the omelet cut in fringe. And then we season with a pinch of salt.

Serve it with the garlic and sour cream sauce and the omelet. I’ll tell you that you will like it. If you are fan of a light meal and you like to try combinations rarely found, I assure you this dish will be served again in your kitchen.


Salata colorata de primavara / Colourful spring salad

A venit si primavara draga de ea. Vremea de plimbat si cules floricelede prin padure inca se lasa asteptata asa cum ma las si eu asteptata cu o reteta, cu ceva interesant. Draga omule care astepti retete multe si frumoase de la mine, da tu, ala singur din spatele salii, accepta-mi scuzele te rog, dar sa stii ca retetele se mai lasa asteptate. Pune sare, piper, un stop de ulei de masline si niste otet si amesteca bine.

Pana atunci am venit cu o salata. Aceasta este salata mea, colorata, vie, naturala si dementiala.


Du-te tu, cititourule draga la piata si cumpara ce legume vezi cu ochii.

Ia :

  • Salata verde
  • Un castravete
  • Una sau doua rosii
  • O ceapa mare si frumoasa

Vino acasa si le spala. Pune pe gratar un piept de pui si taie-l cubulete. Amesteca-le pe toate si gandeste-te la bucuria pe care o simte organismul tau mancand salata.


Pofta mare draga cititorule si sa ne citim cu bine si data urmatoare.

English version:

Spring came, our and dearest. The weather for walking and picking forest flowers is still awaited as I leave myself awaited with a new recipe or with something interesting. Dear man who expect more recipes from me, yes you, the lonely one the back of the room, my only fan, please accept my apologies, but you must know that you’ll have to wait some more.

Until then I come to you with a salad. This is my colorful, vivid, natural and amazingly good spring salad. You my dear reader, will need to buy some vegetables from the market.
Get some:

  • lettuce
  • a cucumber
  • One or two tomatoes
  • A nice big onion

Come home and wash them. Put on the grill a chicken breast and dice it. Cut the veggies, add slat, olive oil and some vinnegar and mix them all. Then think of the joy that your body feels while you are eating this salad.

Enjoy it my dear reader and feel the spring. Until next time, take care and laugh more!

Negresa cu nuci pisate / Crushed walnuts brownies

Pe toate drumurile ne intalnim cu minunata si delicioasa negresa. Este o prajiturica usor de facut si absolute delicioasa care te salveaza din necaz atunci cand ai de pregatit ceva bun. Reteta de azi este imprumutata de pe internet insa o sa revin si cu alta reteta dintr-o carte veche de bucate de indata ce sapaturile arheologice din casa mea o vor scoate la lumina.

Las vorba si va prezint o negresa presarata cu nuca pisata, aromata, crocanta si pufoasa in acelasi timp.

negresa 3

Avem nevoie de:

  • 150 gr unt
  • 300 gr zahar
  • Un strop de sare
  • 3 oua
  • 300 ml smantana dulce
  • 350 ml lapte
  • 400 gr faina
  • 1 plic praf de copt
  • 4 linguri de cacao
  • 150 gr miez de nuca pisati
  • Coaja de lamiae sau esenta ca sa aiba si parfum

Untul il lasam la temperature camerei si cand devine moale il amestecam la mixer cu zaharul. Apoi adagam ouale si mai mixam putin. Adaugam si esenta si praful de sare, apoi imediat laptele si smantana dulce si iar mixam.

negresa 1

Separat amestecam faina cu praful de copt si cacaoa. Cand s-a omogenizat compozitia de lichide incepem sa turnam si amestecul de prafuri si omogenizam bine.

negresa 2

In tava mea de 30/35 cm am presarat putina faina dupa ce am masat-o cu un strop de ulei dar daca aveti foaie de copt e si mai buna sa puneti compozitia peste ea. Inainte de a o baga la cuptor presarati nucile pisate peste ea.

Cuptorul sa fie incalzit putin si gabati la copt. In 30 -40 min se coace, o sa va dati seama dupa miros, daca nu sunteti siguri, incercati cu o scobitoare.

Pofta mare!


English version:

Every corner you turn, you meet the wonderful and delicious brownie . It is an easy cake to make and absolutely delicious and it saves you from the trouble when you have to prepare something good for desert. Today’s recipe is borrowed from the internet but I’ll come back with another recipe from an old Romanian recipe book once the archeological site in my house will bring it back to light.

I leave the chattering aside and I now present you my crushed walnuts sprinkled brownies, flavored and crispy and fluffy, all at the same time .
We need:

  • 150 g butter
  • 300 grams sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 300 ml sweet cream
  • 350 ml milk
  • 400 g flour
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
  • 4 tablespoons of cocoa
  • 150 gr crushed walnuts
  • Lemon zest or essence to perfume our cookie

Leave the butter at room temperature until it gets soft and them mix it with sugar . Then add in the mixing the eggs. Add the essence and the pinch of salt , then the milk and cream and continue mixing. Separately add together the flour with the baking powder and cocoa. When the liquid composition is homogenized pour over the powder mixture and blend well.

In my tray of 30/35 cm I sprinkled some flour after I had massaged it with a bit of oil but if you have baking sheet it’s much better to put the composition on it. Before putting the tray in the oven add the crushed walnuts over the mix.

Have the oven heated and leave the heat to be medium then put the tray in it. In about 30 -40 minutes it will bake, you’ll figure that out by the smell but if you are not sure, try it with a toothpick.


Branza cu mamaliguta si ou / Cheese, polenta and egg – Romanian sheperd dish

Toate familiile, ca sunt de 2, 3 membrii sau 1 milion de persoane, si aici ma refer la o comunitate, sau o natiune, are o istorie in bucatarie. Cand vine vorba de transpunerea unei retete regionale in farfuriile unei familii, e minunat cum ingrediente dispar sau apar si arome se combina in cele mai ciudate feluri.

Cam asa este si cu acest fel de mancare, pe care il gateam relativ des cu parintii sau bunicii in copilarie. Sunt sigura ca nu-i roman care sa nu fi incercat pana acum o mamaliguta calda cu branza, ou fiert, branza si unt.

mamaliga cu branza 3

Imi aduce aminte de copilarie si mirosul mamaligii calde care topeste oul fiert, untul si branza, imi ruleaza un film alb negru cu zambete si barfe de familie de acum 2 decenii.

Putina melancolie, nu strica la inceput de an, nu-i asa?

Pentru 2 portii avem nevoie de urmatoarele:

  • 2 cani de malai pt mamaliguta
  • 500 – 600 ml apa
  • 2 oua
  • 150 gr branza
  • 50 gr unt
  • 5 linguri de smantana sau iaurt gras

 Punem la fiert mamaliguta. Intre timp fierbem ouale dar sa nu fie tari, medii sa zic, dupa ce incep sa fiarba lelasam 4 minute. Cand e gata mamaliguta, luam cu lingura si punem in farfurie peste branza.

mamaliga cu branza 1

Peste ea punem oul curatat, branza, smantana si untul. Daca e nevoie si de sare, punem si sare si amestecam cu lingura dar sa nu se omogenizeze perfect.

mamaliguta cu branza 2

Se mananca atunci cat e calda. E buna si o tarie inainte, asa ca sa mai taie din greata untului si a oului.

O puteti servi seara la cina, sau intr-o dimineata tarzie cand nu ati servit altceva decat cafeluta de la trezire. Mare atentie insa, sa aveti un membru al familiei cu voi, sa va tina companie la o mica barfa.

Pofta mare!

 English version:

 All families that have 2 , 3 members or even 1 million members, and here I am referring to a community, or a nation  have a history in the kitchen. When it comes to the implementation of a regional recipe into the plates of one family, it’s great how ingredients disappear or appear and flavors combine in the strangest ways.

So it is with this dish , which I was cooking it relatively often with my parents or grandparents in childhood. I ‘m sure there are few Romanians who haven’t tried yet this dish, a hot polenta with cheese, boiled egg, cheese and butter.
It reminds me of my childhood and the smell of hot polenta that melts the egg and cheese, it runs a black and white film with smiles and family gossips in my mind, a movie we “shot” two decades ago.
A little melancholy, does not hurt at the beginning of the year, or does it?
For 2 servings we need the following :

2 cups cornmeal for the polenta
500-600 ml of water
2 eggs
150 gr cheese
50 g butter
5 tablespoons of sour cream or Greek yogurt

You make the polenta. Meanwhile boil the eggs but not hard, let’s say medium. When the polenta is read , take few spoon and put it in a bowl. Over it we add the egg , cheese, and butter and the sour cream. If necessary add salt then mix with a spoon but not to perfect homogenize the mix.
Then eat it while it’s still hot . It’s good to taste some strong drink before, like some Romanian whiskey, if you have or a shot of vodka so you feel less nausea from the butter and egg. This is one of the many traditional dishes prepared by Romanian sheperds.
You can enjoy it at dinner or in a late morning when you have not served something else than the waking up coffee. Attention , make sure you have a family member with you to keep you company for a little gossip while eating.


Budinca de cartofi / Potatoes pudding

Se intampla uneori sa vrem sa gatim ceva deosebit, o reteta asa mai speciala din ingrediente simple. Sau se mai intampla sa ai musafiri si sa nu poti sa ii tratezi cu retete complicate ca nu te tine buzunarul. De asta e bine sa mai ai la indemana si o reteta foarte usoara, facuta de altii sau auzita de la vreun coleg de munca, nu se stie niciodata cand ai nevoie de ea.

Asadar dragii mei, sa va prezint budinca mea de cartofi.

budinca de cartofi 4

Initial reteta o auzisem de la o colega de munca. Ea e novice in bucatarie insa iubitul ei vine cu idei stralucite de retete facute de mama lui. Si uite asa prin viu grai ne ajutam unii pe altii cum sa gatim bun si simplu.

In reteta originala aveam nevoie de:

  • 1 ardei gras
  • 1 morcov
  • 1 ceapa
  • 5 cartofi mai mari, cam 1,5 kg asa
  • 150 gr branza
  • 2 oua
  • Vreo 6 linguri de smantana
  • Putin piper si rozmarin

 Pentru ca eu nu am vrut sa folosesc toate legumele, am folosit doar cartofii, branza si smantana. Am purces asadar la fierberea cartofilor in coaja.

budinca de cartofi 1

Apoi i-am curatat si i-am taiat in cubulete cum m-am nepriceput eu mai bine. Am pus peste ei ouale, smantana si piperul. Apoi am ras branza si am pus si rozmarin. Sare nu am adaugat pt ca era branza suficient de sarata.

Le-am amestecat bine pana s-a omogenizat compozitia, si am adaugat si o lingura de ulei. In cazul in care doriti sa folositi toate legumele din reteta originala, trebuie sa le spalati, sa le taiati cuburi si sa le sotati putin in ulei. Apoi le amestecati cu restul ingredientelor.

budinca de cartofi 2

Am pus in vasul de yena putin ulei si am pus compositia. Peste ea am ras inca o felie de branza si am pus si putina smantana care ramasese singurica in cutie. Si zdup la cuptor, la foc mediu.

Se vor coace repede, aproximativ 40 minute. Arata foarte bine ca si garnitura dar la o adica o puteti servi cu o muratura langa si gata cina.

budinca de cartofi 3

Pofta mare!

English version:

It happens sometimes that you to want to cook something special but to be a recipe with simple ingredients. Or it happens for you to have guests and you cannot treat them with complicated recipes ‘cause you have an empty pocket . That ‘s why it’s good to have at hand and a very easy recipe , made ​​by others or heard from a colleague, because you never know when you might need it .
So my dears, let me present you my potato pudding.
Originally, the recipe I had heard about from a work colleague. She’s a novice in the kitchen but her boyfriend comes with bright ideas of recipes made ​​by his mother. And so we help each other with nice recipes, by simply talking about food and what we like.
The original recipe needed :

1 bell pepper
1 carrot
1 onion
5 large potatoes about 1.5 kg or so
150 gr cheese
2 eggs
About 6 tablespoons of sour cream
some pepper and rosemary

Because I did not want to use all my vegetables, I only used the potatoes, the cheese and the sour cream. I started by boiling the potatoes with their skins on. Then I peeled them and I cut them  into cubes as I bad as I could, because size doesn’t matter. I put over them the eggs , cream and pepper. Then I grated the cheese and added the rosemary . I didn’t added salt for the cheese was salty enough .

I thoroughly mixed until the composition was homogenized , and added a tablespoon of oil . If you want to use all the veggies from the original recipe , you have to wash them , dice them and sauté them in some oil. Then mix them with the rest of the ingredients.

Then I put the mix in a yena dish with a tablespoon of oil first in it. I grated one more slice of cheese and added the rest of the remaining sour cream that was alone in the bowl. And then bang in the oven at medium heat!
It will cook fast, in about 40 minutes. It looks great as a side dish or garnish but I think you can serve with a pickle next to it and there you have your simplest supper.