Supa de pui / Chicken soup

Inca din august 1997 visez cu ochii deschisi la momentul in care voi putea gusta din nou supa de pui facuta de bunica mea iubita care m-a crescut. Stiu exact momentul pt ca atunci a fost si tragicul accident al Printesei Diana, si atunci bunica mea a facut o supa de pui pt mine pt ca eram bolnava. Gustul acela mi-a ramas adanc intiparit in minte si nu credeam ca voi putea sa il reproduc vreodata. Am incercat toate posibilitatile sa obtin macar o tenta din acel gust. In toti acesti ani amintirea exacta a gustului supei bunicii mele nu s-a stins si de curand am reusit sa il obtin. Si a fost foarte simplu. Iata inca o dovada a faptului ca lucrurile aproape perfecte se obtin din simplitate. Sa va spun ce am facut :

  • am luat o gaina crescuta la curte, intreaga
  • 25 gr gris
  • 4 oua
  • un ardei rosu
  • 2 cepe
  • 3 cartofi potriviti
  • 2 morcovi potriviti
  • cam 50 gr de taitei mai lati

Am pus la fiert gaina intreaga dupa ce am spalat-o bine si separat am taiat ceapa in stil Julien:


Cand gaina a inceput sa se fiarba, am scos-o din oala si am lasat-o la racit si peste zeama in care a fiert am pus legumele taiate, mai intai morcovul, apoi dupa cateva minute ardeiul, apoi ceapa si cartofii taiati cuburi si le-am lasat la fiert. Cat timp ele fierbeau am batut ouale cu putina sare si am pus peste ele grisul si am amestecat pana am obtinut o pasta nu foarte tare.


Cand legumele erau aproape gata fierte, am pus taiteii si dupa alte 2 minute am luat cu o lingurita din pasta de ou si gris si am pus in oala, facand cele mai pufoase galuste.


La final am pus o lingura de amestec delicat si o legatura de patrunjel tocat. Nimic mai mult sau mai putin. A iesit  o supa perfecta, cu gust puternic de gaina, o supa care mi-a amintit de bunica mea draga. Daca sunteti fani usturoi, puteti adauga si putin usturoi pisat in farfurie, pt o savoare si mai profunda. Iar daca sunteti raciti, usturoiul va va ajuta si mai mult. Pofta mare!


English version:

Since August 1997 I daydream to taste again the chicken soup made ​​by my beloved grandmother who raised me. I know exactly when it was as then it happened, the tragic accident of Princess Diana as my granny made the soup for me for I was sick. That taste remained alive on my mind and didn’t think I could ever replicate it. I tried all the possibilities to get even a hint of that flavor. In all these years the memory of my grandmother soup taste staid there and just recently I managed to get it right. And it was very simple. Here’s another proof that in simplicity is the key to perfection. Let me tell you what I did:

I got a whole chicken, raised at court
25 gr semolina
4 eggs
one red pepper
2 onions
3 medium potatoes
2 carrots suitable
about 50 grams of noodles

I put the whole chicken to boil in water after I washed it well and in the meantime I cut the onions Julien style. When the chicken has started to boil, I removed it from the pot and left it to cool and in that water I added the  chopped vegetables, carrots first, then after a few minutes the peppers, and onions and diced potatoes and I let them boil. Meanwhile I took the eggs and beaten them with some salt and added the semolina and mixed until I  got a paste not to harden. When the vegetables were almost ready and cooked, I put the noodles and after another two minutes I took a teaspoon of egg pasta and semolina and put into the pot, making the fluffiest dumplings ever.
Finally I put a tablespoon of vegetables and salt blend of chopped some parsley and added it in there after I took the pot from the stove. Nothing more or less. A perfect soup came with a strong taste of chicken which reminded me of my dear grandmother. If you are fans of garlic,  you can add a bit of garlic in your plates for it will deepen even more the flavor. And if your have a cold the garlic helps a lot.

Enjoy the perfect chicken soup!