Supa de pui / Chicken soup

Inca din august 1997 visez cu ochii deschisi la momentul in care voi putea gusta din nou supa de pui facuta de bunica mea iubita care m-a crescut. Stiu exact momentul pt ca atunci a fost si tragicul accident al Printesei Diana, si atunci bunica mea a facut o supa de pui pt mine pt ca eram bolnava. Gustul acela mi-a ramas adanc intiparit in minte si nu credeam ca voi putea sa il reproduc vreodata. Am incercat toate posibilitatile sa obtin macar o tenta din acel gust. In toti acesti ani amintirea exacta a gustului supei bunicii mele nu s-a stins si de curand am reusit sa il obtin. Si a fost foarte simplu. Iata inca o dovada a faptului ca lucrurile aproape perfecte se obtin din simplitate. Sa va spun ce am facut :

  • am luat o gaina crescuta la curte, intreaga
  • 25 gr gris
  • 4 oua
  • un ardei rosu
  • 2 cepe
  • 3 cartofi potriviti
  • 2 morcovi potriviti
  • cam 50 gr de taitei mai lati

Am pus la fiert gaina intreaga dupa ce am spalat-o bine si separat am taiat ceapa in stil Julien:


Cand gaina a inceput sa se fiarba, am scos-o din oala si am lasat-o la racit si peste zeama in care a fiert am pus legumele taiate, mai intai morcovul, apoi dupa cateva minute ardeiul, apoi ceapa si cartofii taiati cuburi si le-am lasat la fiert. Cat timp ele fierbeau am batut ouale cu putina sare si am pus peste ele grisul si am amestecat pana am obtinut o pasta nu foarte tare.


Cand legumele erau aproape gata fierte, am pus taiteii si dupa alte 2 minute am luat cu o lingurita din pasta de ou si gris si am pus in oala, facand cele mai pufoase galuste.


La final am pus o lingura de amestec delicat si o legatura de patrunjel tocat. Nimic mai mult sau mai putin. A iesit  o supa perfecta, cu gust puternic de gaina, o supa care mi-a amintit de bunica mea draga. Daca sunteti fani usturoi, puteti adauga si putin usturoi pisat in farfurie, pt o savoare si mai profunda. Iar daca sunteti raciti, usturoiul va va ajuta si mai mult. Pofta mare!


English version:

Since August 1997 I daydream to taste again the chicken soup made ​​by my beloved grandmother who raised me. I know exactly when it was as then it happened, the tragic accident of Princess Diana as my granny made the soup for me for I was sick. That taste remained alive on my mind and didn’t think I could ever replicate it. I tried all the possibilities to get even a hint of that flavor. In all these years the memory of my grandmother soup taste staid there and just recently I managed to get it right. And it was very simple. Here’s another proof that in simplicity is the key to perfection. Let me tell you what I did:

I got a whole chicken, raised at court
25 gr semolina
4 eggs
one red pepper
2 onions
3 medium potatoes
2 carrots suitable
about 50 grams of noodles

I put the whole chicken to boil in water after I washed it well and in the meantime I cut the onions Julien style. When the chicken has started to boil, I removed it from the pot and left it to cool and in that water I added the  chopped vegetables, carrots first, then after a few minutes the peppers, and onions and diced potatoes and I let them boil. Meanwhile I took the eggs and beaten them with some salt and added the semolina and mixed until I  got a paste not to harden. When the vegetables were almost ready and cooked, I put the noodles and after another two minutes I took a teaspoon of egg pasta and semolina and put into the pot, making the fluffiest dumplings ever.
Finally I put a tablespoon of vegetables and salt blend of chopped some parsley and added it in there after I took the pot from the stove. Nothing more or less. A perfect soup came with a strong taste of chicken which reminded me of my dear grandmother. If you are fans of garlic,  you can add a bit of garlic in your plates for it will deepen even more the flavor. And if your have a cold the garlic helps a lot.

Enjoy the perfect chicken soup!


Bismarck la ceaun / Turkey Borscht

Acum nu va speriati dragilor ca nu l-am resuscitat pe bietul cancelar prusac, ca apoi sa il dau prada ceaunului, nici vorba! Este vorba despre “ramasitele” lumesti ale unui curcan galagios, care si-a platit pacatele in ceaun, ca sa dea gust unei zile de sarbatoare.

Pt minunata reteta avem nevoie de :

  • cateva aripi curatate, epilate, si parlite de curcan
  • cca. 250 grame de orez
  • 3 morcovi mari
  • 3 ardei
  • o telina
  • vreo 2 radacini de pastarnac
  • vreo 4 cepe infoaiate bine
  • vreo 8 cartofi seriosi
  • suc de rosii si rosii proaspete
  • leustean din abundenta si 2 oua pt “decor”
  • delicat, piper si bors ( de la magazin, din plic, dar daca aveti preparat in casa, nu uitati sa lasati loc in ceaun ca sa il adaugati spre final )
  • si un ceaun, cu o capacitate de minim 30 de litrii; daca n-aveti ceaun, puteti doar sa va uitati la poza, si nici sa nu va ganditi sa o reproduceti, ca isi pierde farmecul

Nu va ganditi ca azi am stat eu ca o gospodina ce sunt, in bucataria mea de 2/3 sa fac miraculoasa ciorba… nicidecum, insa a fost facuta acasa la parintii mei, dimpreuna cu acestia, intr-o zi de sarbatoare, si m-am gandit sa vi-o arat chiar azi, ca sa le aratam noi romanii, americanilor, cum se pregateste un curcan la noi, azi in zi de Thanksgiving.

Procedeul este cat se poate de simplu. Se spala si se parlesc pe focul aragazului aripile de curcan si se pun la fiert in tuci. Dupa cateva minute de fiert, se da la o parte, si se schimba apa. Se pun iar la fiert.

Intre timp, ajutorul de bucatar curata si spala bine toate legumele, dupa care le taie cubulete. Dupa ce-am schimbat apa la aripi, punem legumele radacinoase, care fierb mai greu si le lasam sa fiarba mai bine de 30 minute.

In acest jacuzzi minunat, adaugam apoi restul de legume taiate si ele. Cand da semne ca nu mai dureaza mult, adaugam si orezul spalat si vreo 5, 6 linguri de ulei.

Asezonam ceaunul minune cu delicat, piper si alte ierburi care va plac, punem si rosiile proaspete si sucul de rosii si borsul si lasam sa mai fiarba pana e gata nebunia, pe incercatelea.

Dupa ce-am oprit focul, aruncam acolo si leusteanul taiat si separat batem ouale si le aruncam repede in apa inca clocotinda, ca sa speriem dusmanii.

Rezultatul nu mai are nevoie de alte descrieri:


English version:

Now don’t worry, I won’t present the magic formula to revive the poor Prussian chancellor, to give him then the as prey to a witch’s pot , no way Jose! It’s about a noisy turkey, who paid his debts after closing accounts with earthy life, to give us the flavor for these holidays, the Thanksgiving. You will see now how Romanians cook a sour soup very know in the Eastern Europe, called Borsh.

For this great recipe we need:

  •     some turkey wings, cleaned and singed on the stove, to kill germs
  •     about 2 cups of rice
  •     3 large carrots
  •     3 peppers
  •     one celery
  •     about 2 parsnip roots
  •     about 4 larger onions
  •     about 8 potatoes
  •     tomato juice and 3 fresh tomato
  •     lots of lovage and 2 eggs for “decoration”
  •     salt for seasoning as well as pepper and the borsh (In Romanian cuisine, it is the name for any sour soup, prepared usually with fermented wheat bran (which is also called Borş), which gives it a sour taste. In fact, Romanian gastronomy uses with no discrimination the words ciorbă, borș or, sometimes, zeamă/acritură. One ingredient required in all recipes by Romanian tradition is lovage, which has a characteristic flavour. Romanians usually call the traditional borscht made from beetroot borș rusesc (Russian borscht) or ciorbă de sfeclă (beetroot borscht sour soup) .
  •     and a big pot with a capacity of at least 30 liters. if you don’t have the pot, you can just look at the picture and don’t even think to reproduce the same recipe, as it loses its charm – in extreme situations, you can reduce all ingredients so it will fill perfectly your pot.

Don’t think I stood today as a great housewife that I am, in my small kitchen to cook this miraculous sour soup, but it was done at my parents home, along with them, a couple of weeks ago, and I thought you should see it today, to see how us, Romanians cook the turkey this November day, for your Thanksgiving.

The process is very simple. Wash and singe the turkey wings and boil them in the pot. After some minutes of boiling, sidestep, and change the water. Bring them to a boiling temperature again.

Meanwhile, your cook  assistant can clean and rinse all vegetables, then dice them. After you have changed the water in which you boil the turkey wings, add in the root vegetables, which need more time to boil, than the rest of the veggies. And let them boil over 30 minutes.

In this wonderful jacuzzi, add the remaining chopped vegetables. When it looks like it’s done add the washed rice and about 5, 6 tablespoons of sun flower oil.
Season well with salt, pepper and other herbs that you like, and put fresh tomatoes and the tomato juice and then add the borsch.Let it boil for about 5 minutes more.

When it’s finished, add the chopped lovage, beat the eggs and throw them in the boiling soup for “decoration”.

The result are needless of any other description!

I hope you enjoyed our Romanian flavor and tradition.